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22485MO MUFON Meetings across the state

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  • Marge Padgitt
    Oct 3, 2013

      Subject: MO MUFON Meetings across the state
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      Missouri MUFON Meetings across
      the state 
      In this Issue

      MO MUFON Meeting Schedule

      State Contacts
      State Director:
      Debbie Ziegelmeyer
      Assistant State Director:
      Margie Kay
      Chief Investigator:
      Joseph Palermo 
      Newsletter Editor
      Margie Kay
      Assistant Editor
      Patrick Jagars
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      Paranormal Investigation and Skywatch
      KC MUFON October 14, 2013 - NEW LOCATION
      We will do an actual paranormal investigation and practice using tools and equipment at this meeting.  Many of the same items are used in UFO investigations.

      Many KC MUFON members are interested in paranormal topics so for our October meeting we have something special.  Hector Lugo, founder of 10th Dimension Paranormal, will be our guest speaker and the meeting will be held at a real haunted house in Independence! 
      Hector says: "My first paranormal encounter was when I was 7 years old and my first paranormal group was in Germany in1971. Founded the 10th Dimension group in Feb. of 2004 and have investigated the paranormal in a lot of different countries and a lot of the U.S.A. Our group is all inclusive, what I mean is we do all types of cleansing that deal with different entities, except demons, which we have never encountered an
      Hector Lugo
      Hector Lugo 
      d if we do we would contact the proper individuals to deal with that, probably a demonologist or the Catholic church.

      We use all types of methods to help as requested depending on peoples beliefs or religion. Our group members consist of Doctors, nurses, law enforcement and others. We have both skeptics and people that have abilities that we utilize to conduct cases. 
      The skeptics or scientific individuals and the gifted ones can not define any of our investigations. It must be a combination of both that confirms each finding that makes it good evidence that can be properly presented.

      Open to the public and all MUFON members.. $5pp
      NEW LOCATION: 1130 S Pearl Street, Independence, MO 64050.  Three blocks east of Noland Rd, third house on the left on Pearl St, after you turn in off of 23rd.   
      Watch the MUFON Journal for two articles on the strange lights and cow mutilations in Missouri in November and December 
      St. Louis MUFON meeting  - Cow Mutilations
      October 16, 2013 

      Margie Kay will discuss her investigations of cow mutilations in the State of Missouri, which involves recent events on ranches in western and eastern regions of the state, as well as historical events dating to the 1970's.  Missouri had multiple cow mutilation reports in the 1970's along with bigfoot and UFO sightings and it seems that there is a repeat of these events going on now.  Does history repeat itself every 40 years?  Attendees will be surprised at some of the results and discover why Missouri MUFON is interested in animal mutilations. 
      See this new website:
      Missouri MUFON Meeting Schedule 
      St. Louis MUFON
      3rd Wednesday monthly
      101 W. Lockwood                        
      Webster Groves, Mo. 63119       
      C.J. Muggs is located in Webster Groves at the corner of Lockwood and Gore in Historic Old Webster. This is a very nice, safe area and is as centrally located as I could find.  I hope you make it to the next MUFON meeting on the 18th and our new home.
      We have a guest speaker in person or via Skype at each meeting.  Open to the public. A donation is appreciated. Contact Debbie Ziegelmeyer at mufondiver@....
      Kansas City MUFON
      Second Monday of every month -  Unless otherwise noted. 
      6:30 PM - 8:45 PM 
      New temporary meeting location:
      1130 S Pearl Street
      Independence, MO 64050
      Until we find another permanent home the meetings will be held at Margie Kay's rental house next door to her office.  Park in front or in the church parking lot across the street and come in the side door.  
      We have a guest speaker in person or via Skype. A donation of $5 is requested to cover speaker travel expenses unless otherwise noted in e-mail announcements.  All are welcome to attend. Open to the public. 
      NEW LOCATIONS ANNOUNCED BEFORE THE MEETING. Be sure to check your e-mail. 
      Anyone interested in the UFO phenomena is welcome to attend meetings.
      No cameras or filming allowed. MEDIA ONLY: Contact Margie Kay in advance at margiekay06@.... No photographs without prior authorization. 
      St Joseph MUFON
      Meets monthly
      East Hills Library 
      502 N Woodbine, St. Joseph MO 64506
      7:00 pm 
      This event is open for anyone to attend free of charge.
      Contact Section Director Heather Giesen at heathergiesen@...
      Columbia MUFON Is getting started - please contact Section Director Chuck Frieden at chuckfrieden@... if you would like to attend meetings.
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