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22359Zimbabwe: UFOs Rattle Villagers

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  • nathaniel x vance
    Aug 1 9:35 AM
      Dear Group,
      In case some have never heard of or read what the Zetas of Zetatalk.com had to
      say about the 1994 LIVE UFO/ET sighting in Ruwa Zimbabwe by the 62 school
      children, here is the auspicious reply they gave dated August 21, 2010!
      For an indisputable fact, there are many space entities today who are part of
      the Judgment Day/Poleshift team! Some are like us, but most are from planets
      and higher dimensions where lifeforms are NOT as we biological human entities
      would understand or even dream of.
      September of 1994, it was alleged by some 62 beautiful Ruwa, Zimbabwe school
      children, that they had direct contact with several strange looking
      extraterrestrial beings near the alien UFO spacecraft, and they all said that
      they received by telepathy dire messages concerning the End Time of this world.
      This extremely rare incident were vigorously investigated by the late renown
      John Mackey and several other noted UFO/ET people, and by all accounts, they
      all ended up believing what the 62 children had told them about having this
      very rare African ET/UFO visitation experience. My question is this; do you
      believe in what these 62 schoolchildren said happened in Ruwa, Zimbabwe in 1994
      about them meeting space aliens, or is it just another well makeup hoax? I
      would love to hear what the beloved space Zetas has to say about this incident
      as well. [and from another] 62 school Children see UFO/ETs lands at in Ruwa, Zimbabwe
      in 1994. A major 1994 UFO/ET sighting in Ruwa, Zimbabwe Africa.
      Zeta Reply:
      Africa until recently was a
      continent at war among the visitors. Those in the Service-to-Self were trying
      to win the
      balance, so that they would be granted the right to operate Africa as a
      prison colony for the Service-to-Self. We have explained that for a globe to be
      divided in this manner, it must be on a continent wide
      basis, as clear borders must be established. Africa, as a whole, thus, was
      the battleground. A similar battle had taken place within this past decade for
      S America, and those in the Service-to-Self even had hopes for N America in the
      past, when the Bush family held sway. Africa is now solidly included as is the
      rest of the Earth's land masses as Service-to-Other territory, but in 1994 this
      had not yet been decided. In such situations, ambassadors from both the
      Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other engage each other, and the Service-to-Self
      of course try to take every advantage. Thus, in situations where the balance presented
      to your souls in Africa had been tipped, so that their view of their options,
      their choices, was skewed, the Council of Worlds allows a countering influence.
      This happened for mankind when the Annunaki were quarantined from Earth, as
      mankind had been unduly influenced toward the Service-to-Self by being enslaved
      by the giant Annunaki. The Zimbabwe visitation thus was allowed to be in the
      conscious of these children, who were so genuine that the true message was
      relayed in the media and across the continent. The message was not meant to
      intimidate or create a sense of power over others in the children, but rather
      was a message of caring for each other and the Earth, and a warning of the
      times to come. This was intuitively understood by the children and all who
      heard the story to be a message of caring.
      The wicked ENDTIME- NOT the RIGHTEOUS! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheEndTime2012

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