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22335Re: 13 Mile Long Crop Circle Found In Oregon Desert

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  • sgtwal
    Jul 23, 2013
      This has been posted on other sites before.
      This is in the Pacific North West, a part of the country that is home to
      a good population of "New Age" types. That a mandala might appear cut into
      the ground up there isn't a big surprise. It was NOTICED in August of 1990
      by an Air National Guard pilot, but I haven't seen any information that
      suggests it suddenly appeared. It is a remote area, seldom visited. Pilots do
      not normally spend time looking down after all.
      A group of people claimed they made it using a small garden tiller and by
      removing the lose dirt from the trenches.
      Investigators found no traces of the makers, but if the design was there
      for a few weeks in the climate of the region all marks would have been long

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      1. 13 Mile Long Crop Circle Found In Oregon Desert
      Posted by: "nathaniel x vance" broali4xa@... broali4xa
      Date: Mon Jul 22, 2013 5:59 am ((PDT))

      Dear Group,
      Wow, how huge is huge?
      And, whom would you logically theorize was responsible for creating this
      humongous enormous crop circle in Oregon - Human or UFO/ALIEN?
      If you think that it was
      done by earthly humans, you had better have all of your brain cells
      checked out by a credible clinician!

      13 Mile Long
      Crop Circle Found In Oregon Desert
      on May 4, 2013
      13.3 miles of lines were
      carved into a dry-lake bed in Oregon. What was discovered looked like a
      Circle in the middle of the Desert...A perfect "Sri Yantra Mandala
      Formation". This ancient symbol was so precise it was flawless...Each line
      was 10 inches wide and 3 inches deep carved into extremely hard compact
      that is very difficult to dig in...No cars where seen for miles, no tire
      were seen for miles...No footprints were seen at the site or anywhere
      it...No apparent signs of tools were used...And no one was seen in the
      don't see any dirt from the 13.3 mile long 10 inch wide hole that was
      into the desert at a depth of 3 inches...There must have been a lot of
      dirt so
      it begs the question where is the dirt? The close up photo of the 4 lines
      clean with no extra dirt laying around outside the ditch that was made from
      each of these lines being dug out of the desert...The whole formation is
      a quarter of a mile wide...This happen on Aug 10, 1990..

      The wicked ENDTIME- NOT the RIGHTEOUS!

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