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  • Sandy Nichols
    Jul 11, 2013
      I like this.

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      My favorite description is of a cable or huge rope. These are made of
      hundreds even thousands of individual strands. Each of which follows a twisting
      turning path through the strands of the cables.
      The physical body appears in those strands where the chain of events has
      set the stage for their birth.
      We only know the body we are in and the time line we have traveled this
      is our reality.
      BUT, as we move through life we make decisions. Some large that we
      realize will change our lives, and some small that have effects far beyond what
      we forsee. With each of these decisions we slip into a new timeline with a
      new set of decisions and a different possible future before us.
      In our life we may make a decision that kills us, but somewhere else one
      of us lives on.

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