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21938DR. A.R. BORDON & MICHAEL LEE HILL Interview "The Anunnaki Papers" tonight 10PM Eastern on OTHER WORLD RADIO.com

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  • Sandra D. Sabatini
    Mar 8, 2013
      DR. A.R. BORDON & MICHAEL LEE HILL Interview "The Anunnaki Papers" tonight 10PM Eastern on OTHER WORLD RADIO.com

      TONIGHT 10PM Eastern (USA)| OTHER WORLD RADIO | First time ever on Radio! |

      Guest: DR A.R. BORDON - is an itinerant scientist/ biophysicist working for an undisclosed institute of basic and applied research in Los Angeles(area), Southern Ca lifornia. He is a former deputy director of a corporate research centre - project officer of the A.C.T.I.O.N. Project which proves the heuristic possibilities in what is known as Living Physics or New Advanced Physics which intersects with the esoteric and idiomaterial. He is also the former executive director of the American Association of Remote Viewers. Dr. Bordon was also instrumental in the formation of a scientific cooperative “The Life Physics Group – California”, LPG-C (now disbanded).
      He is currently the Interim Director of an undisclosed scientific group which does private research in extended human functions, development of skunkworks technology, interface with Extraterrestrials, and other anomalies.

      GUEST: MICHAEL LEE HILL - UFO Researcher/Annunaki Contactee/Musician - Recording Artist - Featured on the History Channels (History Channel / H2), "UFO Hunters", Fox News, CBS News.

      MODERATOR: SANDRA D. SABATINI – OWRN Other World Radio Network/ Founder/Host/Producer. (other aspects - undefined)

      TOPICS: Tonight’s introduction interview with Dr. Bordon is meant to educate and disseminate to the public in a responsible way - many subjects in regards to the Annunaki and “other facts” that have been up to now - never discussed in a open public broadcast forum. Simply put this is an interview you will NOT want to miss, that you will never hear anywhere else.

      Listen in LIVE! for FREE : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/otherworldradio/2013/03/09/ar-bordon-michael-lee-hill-interview-setting-the-record-st

      And make sure you visit us at, www.OtherWorldRadio.com

      Thank you for tuning in,
      Sandra D. Sabatini

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