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21734Christmas Hammer December 2012

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  • nathaniel x vance
    Dec 9, 2012
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      Christmas Hammer December 2012
      Will the Christmas Hammer strike this year? As
      outlined in Issue 217, the 2010 hammer struck for four days in a row (December
      20, 21, 22, and 23) when hundreds of quakes above magnitude 4.7 occurred on the
      Bonin Arc off Japan. The 2010 hammer started on December 20 with massive global
      shuddering at approximately 18:00 UTC, when the magnetic N Pole of Earth comes
      up over the horizon to face the approaching Planet X. The hammer also struck in
      2007 for four days in a row (December 19, 20, 21, and 22) when large black
      seismographs again occurred at the same time each day. Per the Zetas, the
      hammer is basically a more violent wobble, and plate movement can be
      is basically a more violent wobble, and plate movement can be anticipated.

      ZetaTalk Analysis12/23/2007: What does this
      increasingly violent daily lurch do to the Earth's plates? Great quakes that
      affect the globe in its entirety must first occur at one of the brake points in
      the global mesh of plates. For the Earth, this is primarily the point where the
      Indo-Australian plate dives under the Himalayas. The Himalayas, the highest
      mountains in the world, show how often this brake point has been hammered in
      the past. When this brake point moves, it allows the many compression points in
      the great Pacific to move. This includes rolling the top portion of S America
      westward. Mexico moves further west than the Canadian west coast, accentuating
      the bowing of the west coast we have described. Elsewhere around the world such
      a strong adjustment creates an opening in the Indian Ocean, which allows Africa
      to roll toward the void, opening the African Rift further. This also puts
      pressure on the Arabian Plate, so that it rolls in place, a move which affects
      all the many fault lines that run through this region. A major adjustment of
      this type unleashes a series of great quakes, which then subside, as the Earth
      plates lock into new brake points and hold.

      Given that we are in the midst of the 7 of 10 scenarios, in the middle of the
      plate movements the Zetas described way back in 2007, a Christmas Hammer in
      2011 is likely to expedite the 7 of 10 movements! Will it be as violent as the 2004 hammer,
      when the big 9.5 quake in Sumatra occurred on December 26, 2004? Per the Zetas,
      who are not allowed to give specific warnings on just what will strike at what
      location, and when, we should be braced for more activity.

      ZetaTalkPrediction11/26/2011: The Christmas Hammer is caused in great part by the December
      switch in Magnetic Trimester which occurs, as we have explained, at
      approximately December 17 on the Earth calendar. This forces a magnetic
      adjustment in all magnetic planets, and great stress on the Earth which is
      locked into a magnetic dance with Planet X. But beyond the switch in Magnetic
      Trimesters, there is the issue of the ongoing 7 of 10 scenarios. The plates are
      loosened up, such that plate movement in total is occurring regularly. They are
      greased and ready to slide! What happens when additional stress is placed on
      the rock fingers along the plate borders, additional jerking around due to a
      change in the magnetic neighborhood? Certainly, it won't be a calm time. The 7
      of 10 scenarios will at a minimum be expedited.

      The wicked ENDTIME- NOT the RIGHTEOUS! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheEndTime2012

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