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21731More Loud Booms Reported In GA & Other U.S. Cities Too

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  • nathaniel x vance
    Dec 9, 2012
      More mysterous loud booms reported in Columbia County, Georgia; reports in other U.S. cities too - Arizona, Rhode Island, Alabama, and Texas.
      Columbia County officials say that more people reported hearing mysterious booms over several days last week. Some people said the blasts were so loud that they were awakened from sleep. Local experts still don't know what the cause is, but now the reports aren't limited to just Columbia County.
      Early this week, reports starting flooding into the Columbia County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) about loud booms in the area. "Appling, Harlem is the typical area we are looking at here. Of loud booms, rumbling. Now we're hearing about pictures being moved on walls." A man said the blast shook his house early Tuesday morning. He says when he walked outside, his driveway had new cracks in it. Since he lives near a rock quarry, he figured that's what it was. "We have already checked and our seismologist says that there is no activity on any of our equipment, as far as earthquakes. We've already called all the rock quarries, there was no blasting during any of those times."

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