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21724Boscovich video documentary

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    Dec 5, 2012

      Boscovich video documentary


      Fabio Bevilacqua, University of Pavia
      Ugo Baldini, University of Padova
      Ivica Martinovich, University of Zagreb
      Edorado Proverbio, Edizione Nationale

      These are experts on Boscovich's theory
      and they explain:

      Boscovich (1711- 1787) introduced the
      mathematical part of Newton's physics into his teachings; some of
      these ideas conflicted with Catholic Church doctrine, hence he faced
      problems with this controversy throughout his life with the Church.

      The very large variety of forms and
      properties of matter, Boscovich was able to explain by his theory of
      puncta (point-particles), and he dealt with electricity, chemistry
      and new optics etc. He achieved unification of the natural forces,
      provided a different approach to space and time, by starting from the
      idea of simple elementary particles obeying his force law he was able
      to construct the complicated world that we experience, explaining
      all phenomena including black holes.

      Boscovich not very well known in most
      universities, only certain universities such as – Pavia, Padova,
      Zagreb etc is he better known.

      Boyd Bushman Senior Scientist Lockheed
      Martin explains that binomial expansion of Newtonian force gives
      unification of all the forces (including anti-gravity) at:


      * that is essentially what Boscovich did with Newtonian physics' force – expand it so that it gave a unified force curve.

      Regards Roger

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