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21429Solar & Lu nar Eclips es, Venus Transit: L unar News™

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  • Linda Berry - Spiritual Discovery™ Cent
    May 31 12:37 PM
      Each month the Spiritual Discovery Radio Show will tie into this epic year of 2012 in a spiritual, metaphysical, and paranormal way. For our sixth month of the year, we highlight the 2012 Venus Transit of the Sun along with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius with the expert on the subject, Linda Berry, the "Zodiac Yoda." She covers all the angles leaving no stone unturned during this 2-hour long show. Click here and set a reminder NOW: http://tobtr.com/s/3275033

      Listen to the BTR Radio Shows for the May 2012 Solar Eclipse
      and the upcoming June 2012 Lunar Eclipse and Venus Transit
      with international Astrologer Linda Berry, the "Zodiac Yoda."
      Get more Information at this Website:

      Blog Talk Radio Show Website: http://www.SpiritualDiscovery.org/BlogTalkRadioShow

      Listen to the epsiode of the Radio Show for May 20, 2012 covering
      the "New Moon in Gemini and Solar Eclipse" with host Linda Berry
      Click here and listen NOW: http://tobtr.com/s/3215781

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      Radio Show Episode:
      June 2, 2012 Radio Show
      Spiritual Discovery� &
      Lunar News� Special Show
      Radio Show Episode � Click and Set a Reminder NOW!

      The Spiritual Discovery� Radio Show with host Linda Berry, the �Zodiac Yoda� covers two amazing astrological happenings in the sky this week. International Astrologer Linda Berry gives insightful astrological forecasts for the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius (June 4). How does a Lunar Eclipse affect you? Find out how this energy filled astrological event spiritually effects you for up to six months to a year! Questions are answered for callers and Cosmic Mini-Readings are given.

      Lunar Eclipse Information � Click NOW for Eclipse Packages!

      Also covered in this special episode is the Venus Transit of the Sun (June 5) which happens 4 times every 243 years (last time June 2004) and will not happen again for another 105 years. Venus, representing the Goddess of love and beauty, will seed the coming years with energy starting a new cycle in communicating and relating. How does this potent energy affect communication in your life? Will it foster new and different relationships?

      Radio Show Episode:
      May 20, 2012 Astrology Forecast: LUNAR NEWS�Radio Show Episode � Click and Listen NOW!

      Join Spiritual Astrologer Linda Berry on her LUNAR NEWS� Radio Show as she presents an informative & educational astrology review of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in the Sign of Gemini. What is a New Moon? How does a Solar Eclipse affect you? Linda discusses how this energy filled astrological event spiritually affects you for up to six months to a year! Questions are answered for callers and Cosmic Mini-Readings are given.

      Click for Full Moon Info * Click for Full Moon Calendar


      Gemini Solar Eclipse: Eclipse energy brings about deep changes in both inner world and outer world awareness. Eclipses can dramatically change your life circumstances and in the long run these changes are positive for your Spiritual Growth! Eclipses precipitate new growth experiences. Eclipses �lead� you to new stages of development. Where do the Eclipses for this year fall in your Birth Chart? What type of inter-aspects are being made between the Eclipse Chart and your Birth Chart that will affect your life up to six months to a year?
      Solar Eclipse Information � Click NOW for Eclipse Packages!

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