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21411Re: Discussion Groups

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  • sgtwal@aol.com
    May 14, 2012
      Sadly, most groups degenerate into the usual bickering between the
      "debunkers" and the "True Believers".
      UFO Casebook isn't too bad, and there at least a dozen others I have
      heard of, but to the best of my knowledge none actually investigate cases.
      Casebook does have a healthy collection of very talented people who can look
      at photos and videos with an eye for the mistakes a hoaxer leaves behind.
      But it also has a strong group of believers in the Church of Quantum Theory
      who will defend even the most silly claim as possible under their beliefs.
      Even UFO Updates with it's stellar cast of members, like Kevin Randall
      and Stanton Freedman, and its intellectual exchanges, is filled with
      bickering and flame wars.
      If what you seek is an academic sort of site that studies and researches
      the facts of an event, good luck.
      If you do find one let us all know where it is please.

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