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21341FYI: Un-X News Radio Show Premiers Friday, March 30 at 7pm (CST)

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  • Linda Berry - Spiritual Discovery™ Cent
    Mar 30 1:08 PM
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      FYI: Listen to the NEW Paranormal Radio Show tonight! "Un-X News Radio" with host Margie Kay airs tonight at 7pm to 9pm (CST). Also listen to Margie Kay as the guest on the Spiritual Discovery� Radio Show - click here to listen to the "Paranormal Investigation" Radio Show episode: http://tobtr.com/s/2371425

      Episode Information:
      The Spiritual Discovery� Radio Show with host Linda Berry has Paranormal Investigator, Author, Editor, and Radio Show Host Margie Kay as her special guest covering "Paranormal Investigation." Margie discusses paranormal projects she's involved with including recent haunted site investigations (Stanely Hotel & Bullock Hotel), private investigations, and police cases using remote viewing techniques. She also highlights the "dimensional portal" in her home which creatures travel through. Linda shares information found at her "Paranormal Discovery�" website: www.ParanormalDiscovery.info

      Nationally known remote viewer, Margie Kay hosted the QUEST radio show for five years in Kansas City and is the author of 12 books including "The Ghost Hunters Field Guide" and "Haunted Independence." She's currently the editor of "Un-X News Magazine" and has 3 new books and a documentary film scheduled for 2012 release. Margie is a UFO contactee receiving unique ET abilities including interior human body scanning for medical diagnosis. Website: www.margiekay.com

      From: ympadgitt@...
      Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2012 17:42:59 -0700
      Subject: [questinvestigationgroup] Un-X Radio Show premiers Friday March 30 at 7 pm CST

      Un-X News Radio will premier tomorrow night, March 30 from 7-9 PM CST on Global Radio Alliance Network at http://www.globalradioalliance.com/wp. Show host Margie Kay will interview Chuck Zukowski, noted UFO and paranormal researcher specializing in animal mutilations. Chuck will discuss the recent cow mutilation case in Kansas City and other cases in Colorado.

      The show format is our unexplained world. In future shows we'll be covering topics such as crop circles, ghosts, bigfoot, ET experiencers, parapsychology, and more. Margie brings her 30 years experience as a paranormal investigator and psychic to the show, and has national guests on weekly to share their experiences.

      Margie Kay is a nationally known psychic and remote viewer with 80-90% accuracy. She and has helped solve over 40 missing person and homicide cases for law enforcement and private investigators at no charge. Kay has worked with noted UFO investigators to help solve mysteries. Margie sees inside the human body to do health scans. She will take questions on the air during the top half of the first hour of programming from person who have serious issues.

      Listeners may participate in the online chat during the program or send questions to margiekay06@....

      For more information please visit www.margiekay.com.


      Margie Kay

      Host of Un-X News Radio on Global Radio Alliance
      Publisher of Un-X News Magazine
      Director: QUEST Investigation Group
      Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON

      PO Box 1166, Independence, MO 64051
      816-833-1602 Fax 816-461-2818

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