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20868Re:Skywatch......San Diego In The Cross-Hairs For Earth Quake??

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  • Sandy Nichols
    Oct 24, 2011
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      Oh, Yeah.........I agree with you 100% that God did not write the bible and men wrote the bible and added things to scare and control the people into being submissive. I just placed that in the e-mail in context with those people who believe/lean in favor of the bible code, and saying that bible was written by God. I find the bible code Matrix formula rather interesting seeing that the skip line formula changes each and every time when they are looking for a match. Changing the skip line formula assures the person of finding a match....

      Kind of like having a bunch of BINGO cards in front of you and trying to find matches in a unlimited, multitude of patterns.....corner to corner, straight line, diagonal, middle, sides, every other number, etc.....to find matches all you have to do is change the math each and every time according to the formula and you will always find a numeric match.

      At 10:12 24/10/2011, you wrote:
      > Why would God hide a prophecy in the bible if humans can't know or
      > find the prophecy until after it had already occurred?........makes
      > no sense in anybodies logic.......

      I agree with all you have said Sandy.

      Buy please remember that God did NOT write the Bible.

      Men did.

      Many men over a long period of time. Things have been added and
      removed too during history. I wonder why?


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