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20865Re:Reply for Mary....San Diego In The Cross-Hairs For Earth Quake??

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  • Sandy Nichols
    Oct 24 2:12 AM
      Hey Mary,

      I love a good prediction as much as the next person, but predicting an earthquake in San Diego without giving a time/date is like predicting that in the next 24 hrs it will rain somewhere in the world. Knowing that CA sits on the Ring of Fire makes predicting a future earthquake to hit anywhere in CA without giving an exact date a sure thing.......I don't give much credence to any prediction if a date is not given.......

      Take the bible codes for example. If you listen to the bible code experts speak in a documentary say on the the History Channel, they say looking up a past event in the Matrix code is rather easy, but it is almost impossible to predict a future event in the same Matrix code. A bible code is basically a prophecy hidden in the bible that was not known until after the prophecy has been fulfilled, and then only uncovered when the past events have been entered into the Matrix code formula. So I had to ask myself what good are the bible codes if the experts can't predict future codes which in essence would be future prophecies. Why would God hide a prophecy in the bible if humans can't know or find the prophecy until after it had already occurred?........makes no sense in anybodies logic.......

      But on the other hand, if one studies past natural disaster events, one might notice that things seem to be changing rather quickly and not for the good. About a month and half ago the Official U.S. Goverenment Meterologist stated that the increase in bad weather we have had this year is the new normal, and that we need to get accustomed to it.....This would have to include earthquakes as well. Combine the crazy weather, the earthquakes, the screwed up economy, etc., and it seems like the pot is starting to boil over, and the more the pot boils over the worse things will get.....

      I live in TN, and I have been preparing my survival supplies for over a year now for myself and my loved ones......People kind of forget if some major disaster hits one part of the country it will affect other parts of the country as well.....Imagine a massive Tsunami hitting the east coast, or several major earthquakes hitting CA at one time.....West Coast/East Coast devastated.......The survivors will have to relocate inland. Imagine 20 million survivors suddenly moving into states like TN, GA, AL, MS, KY, AR....or say NV, NM, CO, SD, ND, OK, KS......what kind of strain would that put on just the food, water and gas supplies of the area to where they had to relocate.


      --- In TheEndTime2012@yahoogroups.com, Mary Badley <maryx29@...> wrote:
      Hi All,
      Folks, Cali may be in the cross-hairs (before December 31) for a monster earthquake though I do hope otherwise! What are your thoughts on this I like to know. To be sure, the San Diego area of late is getting hammered by a series of many small ones all of a sudden. Well, the Zetas of ZetaTalk.com have predicted that San Diego will experience such though the exact date or time has not been stated. So no one really knows.

      CALIFORNIA- Two earthquakes hit Berkeley in less than six hours. The first earthquake hit at 2:41 p.m and as 4.0 in magnitude. The U.S. Geological Survey initially reported that a 4.2 magnitude quake had hit near Berkeley Thursday night about 8:15 p.m., but that was quickly downgraded to 3.9. The second quake, which was one mile east of Berkeley and five miles north-northwest of Oakland, prompted a flurry of Twitter earthquake messages. There were reports of shaking, but no reports of damage. The two quakes occurred on the day that millions of people participated in The Great California shakeout earthquake preparedness drills.
      http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Maps/region/N_America.phpCan the zetas tell us what is with the mysterious roars in the San Diego region that sound like planes about to crash?
      We have mentioned that during the week of rotation stoppage,
      the Earth groansin her agony. Rock under stress is not silent. Earthquake sensitives feel the emanations that come from rock under stress, the changes in electromagnetic flow through the rock, as do animals who try to flee from the area. But humans in general can hear the groaning. Where this has been treated as a hum in the past, it has stepped up to become the sound of a distant roar. San Diego, as we have repeatedly mentioned, is at the center of a bow formed when the Aleutian Islands and the tip of Mexico are pulled toward each other. This is what has been causing all the water main breaks in that region lately. The rock is under stress, which will not be relieved until the New Madrid adjusts.

      The wicked ENDTIME- NOT the RIGHTEOUS! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheEndTime2012

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