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20564Re: My take...UFOs over London

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  • Sandy Nichols
    Jun 27, 2011
      The video looks pretty good, and the UFOs are acting in a similar fashion as with other videos I've seen of UFOs darting in and out of clouds. This video is from one camera filming a guy with a another video camera filming the UFOs, and also filming another guy with a still camera taking photos. I would like to see the video from the second camera and the photos as well to see how they match up....

      Now this may mean absolutely nothing, but some of these people standing around were not from the UK. I heard accents and foreign language being spoken....Sounded something like Dutch or German to me.......

      I also wonder why this video shows the person with the video camera running down the sidewalk to where the first guy is filming. Why didn't he start filming from the point he began to run, instead of waiting till he got to the another guy to point his camera upwards.... It looked to me he had a clear field of view to film.....he squandered precious filming time......

      Also one more question....Why does the mothership UFO have a Pink Hue on the surface....Light refraction from the sun shinning in the camera lens?


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      Dear Group,
      Are UFO/ET aliens getting less camera shy? Here is a group of UFOs filmed above the BBC building in of all places, London! This video/report seems genuine. Are the UFO visitors trying to relay the message that a monster catastrophic Tsunami is soon, very soon, heading their way??



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