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20563Re: Tsunami 300 feet high?

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  • Sandy Nichols
    Jun 27, 2011
      If a large land mass falls into the ocean, say part of an island, then the Tsunami can reach 300 feet or even higher depending on the amount of force the land mass impacts the water. It is like an asteroid hitting the earth....the greater the speed at impact, the greater the damage....size does play a part, but impact in the key.

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      Subject: [UFOnet] UFO or HOAX? 6-26-2011

      Will ZT/Predicted European Mega-Tsunami Strike Before Year End?
      According to the 4th Density righteous Zeta space people, Europe is supposed to be stricken by one Hell-of-a mega monster Tsunami which will range in height from 30 to 300 feet! Is this really truly possible, that is, can a Tsunami really be 300 freaking feet? This 300 feet Tsunami is supposed to hit mostly the United Kingdoom (UK),though no exact time period when it would or should strike was given by the ZTs. However, some of us have been predicting that before this year end is out 2011. This is the likely timeframe in which they said or believe that we can expect this tragic event to take place.
      Are they right that this event will happen by year end, and, is a 300 feet Tsunami even remotely possible on planet earth??

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