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20392Chakra Balancing the Body

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  • William Alek
    Oct 1, 2010
      Hello all,

      No LIVE shows this Saturday morning on VNN; however, we recorded and
      uploaded new shows to our archive sections.

      This week, Aurora and I completed our 3 hour interview with Marshal Masters
      and the return of Planet X on VNN. The focus is on preparedness. How does
      one prepare for the end of the world as we know it??? Tune-in and find out.

      I talked about my last week 2 hour radio interview on Daniel Ott's Edge
      Radio show. I added more information about the NAZI Bell and some of the
      physics behind it on my show, and shown a migration path from the Bell to a
      Manned Craft, which includes Chakra Balancing. I also talked about a
      "boondoggle" windfarm project in the UK and a really interesting verticle
      hydroponic system for your home.

      Michael talks about recently suppressed S.E.T.I. & NASA sightings of giant
      spaceships heading toward Earth & retired military personnel sharing at
      National Press Club about UFO’s shutting down nuclear missile systems.

      Visit our archive section at:



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