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20391Talk to an Extraterrestrial!

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  • William Alek
    Sep 29, 2010
      Hello all,

      Want to hear something rather extraordinary? Tune-in LIVE this evening
      during Michael's Wednesday Session here at The Launching Pad in Sedona AZ!
      Michael will be channeling an ET from another world and you're invited to
      listen-in and ask a question or two. To listen, go to:

      We'll promptly start at 7pm PT, 10pm ET. To listen-in on high quality
      stereo, I suggest downloading and installing the Destiny Player shown on our

      Keep in mind you'll be hearing through Michael not only a technically
      advanced being, but also a spiritually advanced being as well. This is
      mainly how THEY communicate to us here on Planet Earth. Michael was taken
      aboard a ship and "modified" by these ETs some years ago, which gave him
      this capability.

      To ask a question, either fast blast an email to me or connect through
      SKYPE. My SKYPE address is "intalek2", or call 480.245.5057 Ext. 433, and I
      will patch you through.

      I'll be recording this session and uploading it to VNN tomorrow.


      William S. Alek, Chief Director, President
      2370 W. SR 89A, Ste 11-422
      Sedona, AZ 86336
      PHONE: 928.282.1685
      URL: http://progressivetechcenter.org/