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  • nathaniel x vance
    Sep 1, 2010
      Dear Group,
      Nearly a decade ago, the infamous Bush/Cheney team clamored that all they needed to subjugate the lowly near defenseless Iraqi nation was 50-60 billion dollars and six months! They claimed vociferously that Iraq had numerous Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), was sheltering Al-Qaida, and was threatening to attack us with nuclear mushroom clouds! Well, as with most of the Bush White House senseless (hidden OIL WAR) rhetoric, everything the Bush/Cheney administration said about Iraq has proven to be nothing but lies, and NOT one of the Bush/Cheney statements about Iraq has proven true, including the monster lie that Iraq had numerous Weapons of Mass Destruction hidden in palm tree trumps (Donald Rumsfeld)!
      As of this year 2010, the Bush/Cheney republican promise to neutralize Iraq and Afghanistan in 6 month with military spending being no more than 50-60 billion dollars has itself mushroomed into 8 years instead of six months, and the cost of the war has escaladed from 50-60 billion dollars to an incredible unimaginable cost of over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS; and still, the MISSION has NOT been ACCOMPLISHED!
      As of yesterday, fortunately as Obama promised during his campaign for president, his administration is now courageously taking another path for peace, justice and prosperity. He has faithfully declared that all US combat troops are now being withdrawn from Iraq, and that by next year 2011, that all US military troops will be brought home from Iraq at last.
      If you missed the beloved president Barack Obama special White House speech yesterday, please take a moment to watch it by clicking the link below! The speech is less than 18 minutes.
      Thanks  and Amen

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