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  • William Alek
    May 1, 2010
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      Hello all,

      I had a really fascinating interview today with Dr. Brooks Agnew, PhD. We
      talked about his Inner Earth Expedition, HAARP and more. Brooks is cool and
      plugged into what's happening in today's world. A MUST listen interview!

      Michael's special guest was James Gilliand of ECETI, another MUST listen
      interview! James and Michael are totally plugged into the REALITY of the ET
      phenomenon and what's in store for planet Earth. Its interesting to note
      James actually witnessed Otis T. Carr's disk takeoff by means antigrav
      propulsion back around 1960 and before this "evil government" confiscated
      and suppressed Carr's technology.

      Aurora's special guest was John Monroe, a teacher of the late Dr. Deborah E.
      Banker, M.D. work with eye care. Dr. Banker long recognized that the health
      of the entire body, as well as nutrition and attitude, has a great deal to
      do with vision, energy of the body and the aging process. Dr. Banker's
      noninvasive approach to visual improvement combines techniques of Western,
      Oriental and Wholistic medicine. But, before the interview with John, Aurora
      and I discussed what the U.S. military, the Wall Street Gang, the criminal
      Congress and the Banking Oligarchs have in store for the American people -
      and it isn't pretty!

      To listen to the archives, visit: http://VortexNetworkNews.com


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