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2000Re: Re: Fwd: [2012-Theories] [Fwd: UFO: Did UFO Cause Blackout?]

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  • MRUFO@xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
    Sep 3, 1999
      The same explanation was used for the sigtings over Bentwaters ,

      How is it possible that a Russian rocket could cause a power failure and
      why would jet fighters be sent up to track falling debre? Is it
      possible that UFOs use such incidents to come into the earths atmosphere
      thinking that they will not be detected but now the military has gotten
      onto their game???

      How wide spread was the blackout???
      There has been nothing here that Ive seen or heard about it...I guess
      blackouts dont make news anymore. Its one thing to have Art Bell
      trumphet something on the air but when Peter Davenport starts getting
      dozens of reports it seems like there has to be something to the story.
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