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19846Happy Memorial Day

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  • Royce Holleman
    May 25, 2009
      You know every year we bbq Memorial Day. This year I woke up early
      before anyone else woke and with all the quite I start thinking about
      Memorial Day after all I know it was not meant to be a day to set aside
      to enjoy bbq it was rather to honor the men and women who died so I
      could enjoy that bbq.

      Now I begin to ask myself how do i honor those men and women certinly
      not by stuffing my pie hole lol, Some do it by displaying a flag in
      thier front yard others by decorating the graves of those who died for
      our freedom.

      These are nice ways to honor the men and women who died for our freedom
      no doubt and I salute the kind folks who do it, however this is a
      temporary once a year observence the men and women who died did so in
      order for us to enjoy our freedoms each and everyday we live if we only
      show honor once a year then are we not really making thier deaths for

      At this point many are like what do you mean? are we to keep the flag
      flying 365 days a year? or decorate graves every day? i certainly would
      not discourage either action.

      However I had something more meaningful in mind atleast in my opinion
      more meaningful
      you see we live in a age of religious intolerance and a age of control
      that I feel makes the deaths of those men and women meaningless. What
      I'm suggesting is fighting for each others freedom each and everyday. if
      your a christian don't condemn wiccans in your efferts to convert the
      and vice versa this is only mean as an example of what i'm talking about
      my Uncle Raymond always said live and let live in my opinion this is a
      highly patriotic philosophy. I would not begin to take away anyones
      freedom myself i was in the Marines almost went to war myself had I went
      and died it would have been nice to know my sucessers honored me by
      respecting each others freedoms.

      I here by committ myself to honoring the those who died for my freedom
      each and everyday
      by respecting everyones religion
      by respecting everyones opinions no matter how much I disagree with them
      by respecting everyone simple freedom of speech
      by respecting everyone right to dress as they choose
      by respecting everyones right to choose thier mate with no fear of condemnation from me

      I encourage and invite everyone this Memorial Day to do the same because
      by respecting the freedoms of other not only do we do we honor the men
      and women who died for us but we also make America a nicer place to live

      Happy Memorial day everyone
      i don't usually do this but I'm making an exception if you agree with
      this post please pass it along after all the more who see it the more
      who will have a chance to think about it.

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