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19828UFO Conference & WEBCAST

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  • Jason Martell
    Feb 24, 2009
      Topics Presented:

      . UFO cover-up and secret space program
      . The search for planet X
      . Ancient astronaut theory
      . What will happen in 2012?
      . Was ancient man visited by gods or aliens?
      . What is hidden on the Moon?

      Attend in person or Online
      Don't miss this truly interactive experience! View the conference LIVE in
      near HD quality from different angles, chat with others and interact with
      the each speaker LIVE over the internet.

      Or attend in person and have "1 on 1" time with the speakers. This is a
      closed seating event and only 50 seats are available to ensure a closer
      integration with the audience in attendance.

      Watch the Conference on your iPhone
      As an added bonus, once the conference is complete, you will be able to
      download the lecture series to your portable media device.

      Watch the conference On-Demand
      You will also have the option to watch the lectures series anytime from
      UFOstream.com after the conference airs



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