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19763Summary of unified field theory

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  • Roger Anderton
    Nov 23, 2008
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      Summary of Unified Field Theory at 2008-11-22

      Added Apr. 11, 2006: Unified Field Theory Coverup -

      a.. History of those working on unified field theory

      Added May 25, 2006: A Re-Examination of the Concept of Ether in Relativity Theory –

      a.. ether exists if we define it as existing

      Added Oct. 10, 2006: Boscovich's Theory and Newton's Third Law –

      a.. Boscovich’s theory derived from Newton’s third law

      Added Jan. 2, 2007: Einstein, Ether and Unified Field –

      a.. Unified field exists as redefined ether

      Added Mar. 12, 2007: An Analysis of Special Relativity from a Boscovichian Perspective –

      a.. Clearing up some of the difficulties with understanding special relativity

      Added Jan. 21, 2008: Unified Field Theory: Basics

      a.. The basics as presented in the 1960s on unified field theory

      Added Jan. 29, 2008: Maxwell-Tombe's Unified Force Equation

      a.. unified force equation

      Added Feb. 5, 2008: Einstein's Unified Field Theory is Newtonian Relativity Theory

      a.. Those working on unified field theory appear to have gone to the unified Newtonian scheme of physics

      Added Sep. 30, 2008: The Speed of Light "Is" C or the Speed of Light "Seems" C -

      a.. speed of light is an illusion
      b.. Both relativities – Galilean and special -- work

      Added Oct. 23, 2008: Cosmology as Christian Theology –

      a.. Modern physics started as Christian theology

      Added Nov. 2, 2008: Light Waves and Special Relativity…

      a.. Some unrecognised features of light

      Added Nov. 21, 2008: An Attempt to Revive Interest in Boscovich's Theory -

      a.. in the mid-20th century; neglected in Western Bloc, revived in Eastern Bloc.
      b.. Connections to illuminate
      c.. Symposiums on Boscovich

      Added Nov. 22, 2008: Boscovich's Theory: Strict Newtonian Physics

      a.. Bertrand Russell’s talk on Boscovich’s theory
      b.. Difficulty with the two subtly different meanings of the term ’absolute’
      c.. Derivation of Heisenberg uncertainty from special relativity

      Added Nov. 22, 2008: Boscovich's Principle: Foundation of Relativity

      a.. Swedish Symposium dealing with Boscovich’s theory
      b.. Boscovich’s theory is foundation of theoretical chemistry
      c.. The principle which is the foundation of relativity

      Baranski papers:

      Temporal time characteristics – quantum perceptions of time

      Quantum processes in the origins of life


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