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19744Obama the Star Seed

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  • B. Becker
    Nov 9, 2008
      From: Richard Boylan PhD <drboylan@...>
      Date: Thursday, November 6, 2008, 1:53 PM

      Friends, and Star Kids,
          Pardon my delay in response but urgent family matters have tied me up until now.
          At 11:00 pm Pacific Time Tuesday night the TV networks declared Barack Obama had won the U.S. Presidential Election. He will become our 44th President.
          President-Elect Obama is also a Star Seed, and an experiencer. And already I can tell that Star Seeds instinctively feel his energy at that level, and resonate with the kind of leadership which he is endeavoring to project.
          Obama was not our first Star Seed President. That designation goes to President John F. Kennedy. 
          Kennedy's leadership also electrified and magnetized a nation and the world, although his strivings for peace and justice were cut too short by the bullets of assassins hired by the Cabal to take out this threat to their power. And Kennedy was not as clear about his nocturnal encounters, which involved telepathic communication from Star Visitors. He also was rebuffed by the CIA from learning all that CIA knew about UFO matters. Kennedy did not have available to him the abundance of information about Star Visitors and Star Seeds that is now available to all including Barack Obama.
          President Obama will benefit from the lessons to be learned from JFK's too-short term in office.
          President-Elect Obama has already given what I interpret as one hint to the kind of leadership he is gathering to assist him. Barack has named John Podesta to lead his transition team. Podesta was ex-President Clinton's Chief of Staff from 1998-2001. Podesta was also notable for being Clinton's point man in trying to get UFO truth out of the government intelligence agencies, and Podesta himself has spoken on  his interest in seeing UFO truth see the light of day. Thus it would not be unreasonable to expect that after the Obama Administration has taken over the White House, that there will be a group in the White House who are "Friendlies" to the cause of accelerating the Public Acclimation Program on UFO Reality to full speed.
          I know that Star Nations are watching this promising young new President-Elect closely, and are prepared to step forward when there is a receptive overture from the Obama Administration. And, as Barack himself has emphasized in is campaign, any issues of truly global import will need to be developed and handled in collegiality with the entire global community of nations.
          A public diplomatic meeting between Star Nations and representatives of the Nations of Earth is therefore something which a President Obama is uniquely qualified to foster. I truly hope that as global conflicts are brought under resolution that the social climate on Earth will be such that such an open Meeting of Earth Nations with Star Nations will be on Earth Nations' front agenda.

                in the light,
                Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
      Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC,  Councillor
      President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
      Email: drboylan@...

      Website:  www.drboylan.com  
      Diamond Springs, California 95619,  USA
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