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1972970 years of Pilots' Sightings

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  • Geoff Richardson
    Oct 7, 2008
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      The famous yachtsman Francis (later Sir Francis) Chichester
      actually began his career as a pioneering aviator. In 1931 he
      made the historic first solo flight from Australia to New Zealand
      across the Tasman Sea and during this flight he was suddenly
      startled by a group of flashing lights moving at high speed
      across the sky.
      One of the strange objects approached his aircraft - he described
      it as "like a silver pearl and flashing like a searchlight". The
      moved in front of his aircraft before disappearing.

      For well over 7 decades Pilots, both military and commercial,
      have reported the sighting of objects that they could not identify
      or explain.
      For a detailed account of some highly relevant sighting reports see:


      Of course, during the Second World War allied pilots, returning from
      missions, began to report the sightings of strange "balls of light"
      which hovered close to their aircraft. The concern of Allied military
      chiefs began to grow when these reports not only increased in numbers
      but even stranger, included reports of disrupted electrical equipment
      in aircraft in the direct vicinity of these unidentifiable
      objects.These mysterious objects became known as "Foo Fighters".
      See: http://www.thewhyfiles.net/foo_fighters.html

      (Includes audio and video files)

      Geoff Richardson