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  • ZO
    Oct 4 1:30 PM
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      Subject: Re: [UFOnet] Re: Tesla AUTObiography, the "Nazi-Bell" craft, plus more ...

      Hi Zo,
      Your theory does not apply to Tesla because he never meditated or did any
      Tibetan throat singing.

      Whoever said he did Tibetan throat singing? It's not a theory that he meditated, he says right in his autobiography he spent most of days visualizing things... alone. This is called meditation by some people... maybe you don't know what meditation is?

      He did not have to do anything to put his mind into a
      state of euphoria so that he could see visions.

      So all of the visualizing he was doing on a daily basis actually did nothing to improve his visualizations? Where's your common sense?

      Tesla said all he had to do was
      close his eyes and he saw a huge file of blueprints.

      If he studied blueprints for days on end... alone... visualizing them as well... as he did with most everything in his entire memory several times over... after awhile you might memorize them... you would be able to actually see them without trying if you did it enough and in detail.

      ALSO, he started seeing
      detailed blueprints after his abduction experience.

      That is such bullshit because he doesn't write about ever being abducted in his autobiography... I read it... show me the part telling of being abducted by aliens.

      He wrote about that in his
      autobiography too. To date, no Tibetans or meditators have been able to see
      thousands of technical blueprints when they are in their meditative state.

      Have any of them studied the blueprints like Tesla.... der... no, they don't have access to blueprints.... their meditations/visualizations consist of other things for other purposes.

      If you
      know of any Tibetans who can see blueprints, please inform us about it. Maybe
      you can meditate and fetch us a blueprint for a propulsion system for a
      faster than light spacecraft. Now THAT would prove your theory.

      It's not a theory, it's a fact that Tesla visualized things quite a lot. I only know because it is clearly written in his autobiography and I've posted info that he wrote that says he visualized much, much more than the average person. A Tibetan would only be able to see blueprints they've studied like Tesla, and they would have to memorize them like Tesla. I'm not the one making of crazy bullshit right now, you are. lol


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