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19720Re: [UFOnet] Re: Tesla AUTObiography, the "Nazi-Bell" craft, plus more ...

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  • ZO
    Oct 4 1:00 PM
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      ZO here Art. I'm not here to argue with you Art, we've done that before.

      Just saying what I know. What you're talking about I cannot discount because I simply don't know. I cannot rule it out, it is a possibility.

      However, I have heard and read about similar things. Wilbert Smith, a Canadian who worked on a Magnets Project back in the sixties and looked into the UFO Enigma, all under the auspices of The Department of Highways.

      Later in His Life He claimed to have received INFO from Aliens. When looking into this it seems that this was absolutely true. To this day no one can make sense of the little book of very technical stuff He got from the so-called Aliens. He uses unknown terms.

      And obviously I'm totally aware of the use of implants perpetrated by ''greys'' and other Human factions. Used to manipulate people and give their chosen ones knowledge.

      I must say that I cannot attribute all Genius solely to the so-called aliens.

      Man is a Genius all by Himself.


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      > Re: Tesla AUTObiography, the "Nazi-Bell" craft, plus more ...
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      > Fri Oct 3, 2008 8:58 am (PDT)
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      > ZO here, Father of Matt Chin.
      > When one Meditates using visualizations the frontal cortex is activated
      > which then triggers the release of endorphines and serotonins. They work together
      > in the body like a symphony and can only give the Visualizer/Meditator a
      > sense of well being. So with that said we can first say Tesla was of sound mind
      > and a Happy person.... or content person. Without those qualities it doesn't
      > matter how clever one is, one won't get anything done.
      > Visualizing is natural and very Human. I have met hundreds of people that
      > can visualize things. My Father used to do it. He was a mechanic. He was half
      > Jamaican and half Chinese. NOT an alien.
      > Tibetan Throat Singing gets the same results too. TTS resonates a vibratory
      > system in the body that also releases serotonins and endorphines. TTS makes
      > everything pink for the singer accompanied by an overwhelming sense of
      > well-being. This lasts for about five minutes after one stops singing.
      > Nikola Tesla wasn't the only person that visualized things and then made
      > them real. Einstein also utilized this. And so do Artists, mechanics, builders,
      > etc. It is common throughout the world. One does NOT have to be part alien or
      > alien to have this capability.
      > For a crude example, I have never put together a pulley-system. Last week I
      > had to do that for a kiln. The days and nights before I did it, I would
      > visualize the set-up, and pull the rope to see if it worked. Took a few tries to
      > get it to work. Then when I came to do it for real, I knew how. These
      > visualizations take no effort on my part because they come and go as they please, or
      > I could say, ''it is automatic'' with me. It just happens.
      > How do ya' think all of the machinery and factories of our present day got
      > built.
      > The first ''space rocket'' Man ever saw was first visualized by an artist
      > and then drawn out and put in a comic book. Is that cosmic? No.
      > ZO
      Hi Zo,
      Your theory does not apply to Tesla because he never meditated or did any
      Tibetan throat singing. He did not have to do anything to put his mind into a
      state of euphoria so that he could see visions. Tesla said all he had to do was
      close his eyes and he saw a huge file of blueprints. ALSO, he started seeing
      detailed blueprints after his abduction experience. He wrote about that in his
      autobiography too. To date, no Tibetans or meditators have been able to see
      thousands of technical blueprints when they are in their meditative state. If you
      know of any Tibetans who can see blueprints, please inform us about it. Maybe
      you can meditate and fetch us a blueprint for a propulsion system for a
      faster than light spacecraft. Now THAT would prove your theory.

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