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19717Re: Tesla AUTObiography, the "Nazi-Bell" craft, plus more ...

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  • antigray@cs.com
    Oct 3, 2008
      Hey. I can't attribute someone's genious abilities to "master control alien
      implants" especially when there's no evidence to support that theory
      whatsoever. Obviously you haven't done much meditation or you'd know the power in it. A
      better word instead of meditation to describe what Tesla was doing is
      visualization or imagination for extremely long periods of time while he was alone.
      Much of his time was spent visualizing everyday.
      Hi Zo,
      Tesla was able to tap into the Artificial Intelligence computer system
      network belonging to our alien Repto Sapien cousins, which is their local
      version of an Internet, a system that ties together A.I. computers onboard
      spacecraft in our vicinity and other ones at strategic locations, like
      underground bases. I was able to figure out that around 1910, they had at
      least 4 A.I.
      computer system transmission towers in operation spread across Europe. I was
      able to determine this based on information developed by Nikolai Tesla and
      in his autobiography. As Tesla traveled into different areas in Europe, he
      loss of reception between coverage areas, much like you can't get a cell
      phone signal in remote or mountainous areas. This happened every time he
      traveled the same routes. When Tesla was in the dead zones, he could not see
      the blueprints in his mind no matter how hard he tried. Can you hear me now?

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