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  • ZO
    Sep 9, 2008
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      It is interesting to learn that Tesla meditated in this way as he describes in his autobiography. Why it is so interesting to me is because my Dad did a similar thing in the past with meditation several years ago... to the point where things actually appeared in front of him similar to what Tesla describes... and would appear vividly in his mind without his control. He doesn't use plans or designs to build anything, he does carpentry and building. It is interesting that even as a young man Tesla didn't know it was meditation he was doing, and even in his older age he doesn't describe it as a form of meditation... at one point he even thought it could be some kind of illness... to imagine all things and people you've seen before until the images become clear like reality, and can be imprinted into your mind making it difficult to make the images go away.

      The images seen can take on a life of their own and can tell a story without you conciously controlling the outcome once you have the ability to produce perfectly clear colored images in your mind. As with Tesla, these imaginations are very blurred and indistinct for everyone, and may even flit away without practice... "Over time they gain in strength and distinctness, until they finally assume the concreteness of real things."

      Matt Chin

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      To continue on from the last paragraph below:


      "There was another and still more important reason for my late awakening. In my boyhood I suffered from a peculiar affliction due to the appearance of images, often accompanied by strong flashes of light, which marred the sight of real objects and interfered with my thoughts and action. They were pictures of things and scenes which i had really seen, never of those imagined. When a word was spoken to me the image of the object it designated would present itself vividly to my vision and sometimes I was quite unable to distinguish weather what I saw was tangible or not. This caused me great discomfort and anxiety. None of the students of psychology or physiology whom i have consulted, could ever explain satisfactorily these phenomenon. They seem to have been unique although I was probably predisposed as I know that my brother experienced a similar trouble. The theory I have formulated is that the images were the result of a reflex action from the brain on the retina under great excitation. They certainly were not hallucinations such as are produced in diseased and anguished minds, for in other respects i was normal and composed. To give an idea of my distress, suppose that I had witnessed a funeral or some such nerve-wracking spectacle. The, inevitably, in the stillness of night, a vivid picture of the scene would thrust itself before my eyes and persist despite all my efforts to banish it. If my explanation is correct, it should be possible to project on a screen the image of any object one conceives and make it visible. Such an advance would revolutionize all human relations. I am convinced that this wonder can and will be accomplished in time to come. I may add that I have devoted much thought to the solution of the problem.

      I have managed to reflect such a picture, which i have seen in my mind, to the mind of another person, in another room. To free myself of these tormenting appearances, I tried to concentrate my mind on something else I had seen, and in this way I would often obtain temporary relief; but in order to get it I had to conjure continuously new images. It was not long before I found that I had exhausted all of those at my command; my 'reel' had run out as it were, because I had seen little of the world -- only objects in my home and the immediate surroundings. As I performed these mental operations for the second or third time, in order to chase the appearances from my vision, the remedy gradually lost all its force. Then I instinctively commenced to make excursions beyond the limits of the small world of which I had knowledge, and I saw new scenes. These were at first very blurred and indistinct, and would flit away when I tried to concentrate my attention upon them. They gained in strength and distinctness and finally assumed the concreteness of real things. I soon discovered that my best comfort was attained if I simply went on in my vision further and further, getting new impressions all the time, and so I began to travel; of course, in my mind. Every night, (and sometimes during the day), when alone, I would start on my journeys -- see new places, cities and countries; live there, meet people and make friendships and acquaintances and, however unbelievable, it is a fact that they were just as dear to me as those in actual life, and not a bit less intense in their manifestations. This I did constantly until I was about seventeen, when my thoughts turned seriously to invention. Then I observed to my delight that i could visualize with the greatest facility. I needed no models, drawings or experiments. I could picture them all as real in my mind. Thus I have been led unconsciously to evolve what I consider a new method of materializing inventive concepts and ideas, which is radially opposite to the purely experimental and is in my opinion ever so much more expeditious and efficient."

      Tesla meditated so much... that images and objects would appear vividly in front of him or vividly in his mind. This can be achieved by anyone willing to meditate for long periods of time... after awhile everything becomes so clear, your imagination becomes like an HD movie reel. After that you could begin to construct things in your mind and wouldn't need designs or plans for too many things. It's not a "gift" since this could be attained by anyone.

      Matt Chin

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      Here's something from the Autobiography of Nikola Tesla:


      "My mother was an inventor of the first order and would, I believe, have achieved great things had she not been so remote from modern life and its multi fold opportunities. She invented and constructed all kinds of tools and devices and wove the finest designs from thread which was spun by her. She even planted seeds, raised the plants and separated the fibbers herself. She worked indefatigably, from break of day till late at night, and most of the wearing apparel and furnishings of the home were the product of her hands. When she was past sixty, her fingers were still nimble enough to tie three knots in an eyelash."

      His inventions can't all be attributed to implants and "Repto Sapiens", or "aliens", since even his Mother was an inventor and he was obviously inspired by her to be an inventor himself. His Dad also helped him to train his mind... Some kids end up being a bit like their parents or try to surpass their best qualities in some ways when they grow up, for better or for worse.

      Matt Chin

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      From: antigray@...
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      Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2008 6:45 AM
      Subject: [UFOnet] Re:Tesla AUTObiography, the "Nazi-Bell" craft, plus more ...

      Hi Stealthskater,
      Tesla was able to tap into the Artificial Intelligence computer system
      network belonging to our alien Repto Sapien cousins, which is their local version of
      an Internet, a system that ties together A.I. computers onboard their
      spacecraft in our vicinity and other ones at strategic locations, like underground
      bases. I was able to figure out that around 1910, they had at least 4 A.I.
      computer system transmission towers in operation spread across Europe. I was able
      to determine this based on information developed by Nikolai Tesla and reported
      in his autobiography. Tesla was inadvertently given a master control implant
      when he was abducted as a child. That implant allowed him to mentally access
      the A.I. computer's database. Those implants are the type usually given to the
      aliens to use. As Tesla traveled into different areas in Europe, he experienced
      loss of reception between coverage areas, much like you can't get a cell
      phone signal in remote or mountainous areas. This happened every time he traveled
      the same routes. Because of the A.I. computer's ability to send and receive
      messages to itself in the past and the future, it can determine who presents a
      threat to the alien program in the future and locate the person in the past or
      present and monitor their activities online and on the telephone. Remember
      Nostradamus? I'm
      pretty sure he was given a master control implant too. He was able to access
      one of the European A.I. computers and pull up future events.
      Oh yeah, our physicists are starting to experiment to send signals back in

      Physicist Trying to Send a Signal Back in Time

      University of Washington physicist John Cramer is attempting to send a signal
      back through time. From the article: "We're going to shoot an ultraviolet
      laser into a (special type of) crystal, and out will come two lower-energy
      photons that are entangled," Cramer said. For the first phase of the experiment, to
      be started early next year, they will look for evidence of signaling between
      the entangled photons. Finding that would, by itself, represent a stunning
      achievement. Ultimately, the UW scientists hope to test for retrocausality
      evidence of a signal sent between photons backward in time. The test will involve
      sending one of the photons down 10 miles of fiber optic cable, delaying it by
      50 microseconds, then testing a quantum-mechanical aspect of the delayed
      photon. Due to quantum entanglement, the non-delayed photon would need to reflect
      the measurement made 50 microseconds later on the delayed photon. In order for
      this to happen, some kind of signal would need to be sent 50 microseconds
      back in time from the delayed photon to the non-delayed photon. (Confusing?
      Quantum physics is like that.)
      When Tesla tapped into it with the master control implant he was
      inadvertently given, he could close his eyes and access hundreds of blueprints for all
      kinds of advanced equipment, along with complete information and animated
      diagrams on how they would function, even showing the principles behind their
      My friend Dr. Jack Sarfatti and 400 other physicists and scientists have had
      contact with that same alien A.I. computer system. They all personally
      witnessed the alien craft it was onboard make a 20 year jump back in time to contact
      all of them. That is a long story and it is going to be incorporated into the
      movie being made from my book about the Repto Sapien's agenda here.
      Art Greenfield

      My Website: http://antigray.tripod.com/
      Check out all the pages on the site. I wrote the site like a tabloid
      newspaper to impress on readers an outline of what has been going on throughout

      The publisher's website to order my book is at:

      WARNING reveals a frightening alien agenda, a long-term program of social
      domination and periodic controlled genocide. Mankind is now in great danger. We
      have a terrible problem to overcome. Resolution requires international
      solidarity, then forcible negotiation with the aliens.

      Copy of Book Cover:

      "Warning" by Art Greenfield
      ISBN: 1-59113-358-0
      Copyright © 2005 by Art Greenfield
      All rights reserved

      Orders placed through the major book stores may take longer than ordering
      direct from the publisher due to high volume of the big stores.

      Barnes & Noble:

      http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/results.asp?WRD=warning+by+art+green\ field&userid=2ZUPHEORHH&cds2Pid=946


      Amazon.com Germany:


      The paperback version is also available through book stores in England and





      In a message dated 9/7/2008 9:40:15 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      ufonet@yahoogroups.com writes:
      > Tesla AUTObiography, the "Nazi-Bell" craft, plus more ...
      > Posted by: "stealthskaters" stealthskaters@... stealthskaters
      > Sat Sep 6, 2008 7:23 am (PDT) I found what appears to be an AUTObiography on
      > Nikola Tesla. "The
      > Secret Life of Nikola Tesla" reveals the almost-metaphysical insights
      > that Tesla had since childhood. Indeed, some of what he experienced
      > sounds like what we today call "remote-viewing".
      > He credits many of inventions to detailed visions he saw in his
      > mind. It made me think of John Travolta's altered mind after he
      > encountered that strange light in the sky in the movie "Phenomenon".
      > And also that of the most mysterious man in mathematics -- Srinivasa
      > Ramanujan from India. He created powerful theorems some of which
      > still defy proof by the World's greatest mathematicians. He would
      > say that the goddess of Namakkal inspired him with the formulae in
      > dreams.
      > I would think that cheap energy production would be more valuable to
      > Mankind today than interplanetary flight. If Tesla was correct in
      > his "Magnifying Transmitter" conjectures, it sounds like it could be
      > developed a lot more quickly than fusion or tapping the Zero-Point
      > Energy field. Even if the authorities did confiscate his papers
      > after his death, there should be enough left in the public literature
      > for some smart minds to fill in the gaps. He's already done the
      > preliminary work!
      > The Tesla autobio is accessible at
      > http://www.stealthskater.com/Science.htm#Tesla . (A shot bio on
      > Ramanujan -- whose "modular functions" were a key part on Michio
      > Kaku's superstring derivations (and explains why the Universe is
      > normally fixed at "10" dimensions") -- is within the
      > http://www.stealthskater.com/Documents/Strings_1.doc file.)
      > Also I archived a bunch of stuff on the famed "Nazi-Bell" flying
      > saucer starting with Tim Ventura's interviews and ending with Jack
      > Sarfatti's math analysis. An interesting spin to the Roswell legend
      > is that a "UFO" story was conjured up to hide the fact from the
      > American people that a Nazi fragment was alive after WWII and
      > equipped with potentially dangerous weapons in Argentina. These
      > materials are accessible at
      > http://www.stealthskater.com/UFO.htm#Bell .
      > Perhaps I've been naïve. I always thought when an enemy was
      > defeated, any remnants would try to absorb into existing society.
      > I've read before about missing Nazi gold to finance things like
      > the "Montauk Project" (http://www.stealthskater.com/PX.htm )but I
      > never put much stock in it. I may need to take another look. Maybe
      > the conspiracists are right on this one.
      > And I previously posted at Wyz World
      > (http://wyzwyrlde.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=1776.html ) about the
      > possibility that UFOs might be living entities along the lines of
      > Reich's "orgone" (http://www.stealthskater.com/PX.htm#Reich )or
      > Pitkanen's "plasmoids" (http://www.stealthskater.com/Pitkanen.htm ).
      > So now we have at least 4 separate elements contributing to "UFOs".
      > (Which may explain why the subject has seemed so perplexing.)
      > (A) One is an anomaly created (or previously existing and now
      > exposed) by release of the strong nuclear force in a nuclear event.
      > (Whether this in turn causes a Tesla-like "scalar" longitudinal is
      > unknown.) This would be administered by the Dept. of Energy (the
      > former Atomic Energy Commission).
      > (B) Another piece of the puzzle are advanced military prototypes from
      > former enemies. It would be advantageous to explain such as "UFOs"
      > to throw competing foreign intelligences off-the-trail so to speak.
      > I guess this would fall into something like the CIA. (One would
      > think that other governments would have long caught on to this
      > deception by now, however.)
      > (C) A third part would be the effects on human consciousness caused
      > by artificial manipulations. Whether these are hallucinations,
      > allowing us to see true craft/entities, or revealing a "new
      > dimension" (as in Boylan's assertion that Wen Ho Lee was involved in
      > creating "artificial holographic portals" at LANL =>
      > http://www.stealthskater.com/Documents/Boylan_1.doc or Dr. Fred Alan
      > Wolf's claim of "bleedthroughs" from parallel worlds =>
      > http://www.stealthskater.com/Bolt.htm#Bosoks ) is also unclear. I
      > don't know what agency would oversee this stuff.
      > (D) And then finally, of course, is the real deal. Whose actual
      > physical visits to Earth seem improbable due to the restrictions of
      > General Relativity and the risks of encountering drastically
      > different bacteria/viruses (assuming they don't wear spacesuits).
      > What muddy waters these are indeed!

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