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1963Lights in Scotland.

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  • Mark Fraser\ Haunted Scotland.
    Sep 1, 1999
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      Last Thursday evening (19th of August 1999) at approx 22.00hrs a couple were driving through Monkton in Ayrshire, Scotland, when in the sky above them they saw a blue flash of light, this 'light' then shot down towards them and hovered above the car for a matter of seconds, before 'travelling' away in the opposite direction to which they were travelling. The light was only a matter of feet above their vehicle and blocked out the windscreen. The couple were terrified although unharmed..........I have not yet seen the witnesses as they talked to my wife, but hopefully will do soon.

      Anyone hearing of any sightings around the same time and location then I
      would be very grateful to hear from them...........cheers!

      Mark Fraser.