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19628~ A Paranormal Invitation - Please Read! Thanks! ~

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  • Suzanne
    May 7, 2008
      Hello there! :) This is your Paranormal pal, Sue here. And I hope
      that everyone in here is doing well! :D I don't Normally Invite
      people to come join websites, but I was wondering if you would do me
      a favor & take a Closer look at the following website below. It's
      basically a lot like Myspace, (you can actually make your Entire
      profile completely Private if that is what you wish to...& you can
      add just about anything to it just as you would with your Myspace
      page too.) eccept for one Huge difference. Believe this or Not, you
      can actually (and ligetimately I may add) makes ome real momey in
      your spare time in Yuwie too, are wellas make a few New Paranormal
      friends online too! As for myself, I've been there since Dec.
      2007.....so Yeah, I can actually say that this is a ligetimate
      website otherwise I would Not be a part of this nor would I actually
      be Inviting all of you to come join it too.) This is very ligetimate
      & you not only can talk with other people, make a few New Paranomal
      friends in there but you can also make some real money while your
      online SAFELY & Ligetimately.....while your in here all in your spare
      time. Like I have already stated....I've actually been in Yuwie.com
      since Dec. 2007 & was hoping that at least some of you in here would
      want to take a closer look at the website for yourself. This is 100%
      completely FREE to join too, & the Best part of all this is that
      there's also a section within this website where you can actually
      Join & participate in Other people's Paranormal User websites, so
      being a part of this Yuwie website actually does have it's advantages
      too! And of course You will also have the ability to decorate your
      personal Yuwie profile to whatever theme as You wish, just as you can
      do on Myspace. And the other reason why I wanted to invite you to
      take a look was to be able to have all of You a little closer to me
      in there too. But Please excuse the cheesy animated dude....(I never
      really like that part of the website too much...) & Please take your
      time to read through everything while your there too. Like I already
      stated above, a;; of this is 100% Ligetimate, & if it wasn't, I would
      Not be would Not be Inviting you to at least take a closer look at it
      for this is really all I am asking. And by the way, my personal
      PRIVATELY set Yuwie.com profile is actually listed under my
      simplegurl1969@... email address, just in care you May bee
      lookking for it or better yet, just click on the User link that I'm
      adding for you below! This will take you straight to Yuwie.com! I
      also do hope that everyone is doing well in here & I also wish that
      everyone will take care, for now & Please just take a closer look at
      this too. Take care! :D

      Here's the Link to get You into the Yuwie website, Enjoy! :D


      Your Yahoo Paranormal friend.....

      ~ SUE ~

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