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19610Re: Any Writers / Authors here?

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  • Alan DeWalton
    Apr 8, 2008

      I am a writer (or rather an 'editor') who has written/edited many 'books' on the paranormal (exterran, subterran, quanterran, conterran, etc.) and have decided to put them on the net, since I believe that informing the public may in the long run be more profitable than selling my books... for if we can educate the public about things to come, then they will (hopefuly) try and change the world for the better and, in turn, change MY / OUR own situation for the better.

      Anyway, my online "books" can be found through the "signature" link at the bottom of this post.

      I warn you though... this webnet (website network) is almost as old as the Internet itself, since I live near the Utah Rockies where many of the "computer geeks" who helped to start the internet live... so... if you dare enter the NEXUS, I hope that you have plenty of TIME... since it might take years to explore the whole thing (or you may never explore it all, since the links just keep going on and on... ;o)

      So then... Enjoy... ;o)

      BRuce AlaN walTON
      ******* ******* ******* Any Writers / Authors here? Posted by: "Ran Al" darkstinger692000@... nuke_913 Mon Apr 7, 2008 10:57 am (PDT) Hi,
      I started a Columnists section in my website ( www.hotspotsz. com ) and I wanna extend a kind invitation to Writers / Authors among you guys who write and submit your own articles and content to article directories, groups and such to gain some extra visibility for your books and publications, websites groups or simply for self satisfaction. I’m happy to accept any material that’s within the realms of paranormal (from UFOs, Ghosts, Ancient mysteries and everything in between) whether its fact or fiction, if your a armature or pro : ) .
      If you wish to send any content directly or have any questions you can send them to my email addy its “nuke913(at)yahoo. com” you can add me up to your yahoo IM if you like (same address)


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