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19607Re: [UFOnet] Small UFOs in house

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  • eddie middleton
    Apr 4, 2008
      John Keel in one of his books mentioned some cases of miniature flying saucers showing up in people's bedrooms. I myself was given an account once by a friend of mine of a small cigar-shaped craft that flew close by her head in broad daylight. She said this thing had portals wherein she could see passengers looking at her. I believe she said she heard some kind of commotion like the sound of people talking excitedly, and then the thing just disappeared. I have always thought that this was something from another dimension that just happened to accidentally intrude into our time/space.

      Eddie Middleton

      bert vere <bertvere@...> wrote:
      Done deal marge....
      already sent
      the micro ufo your brother saw is not an isolated incident.
      Others investigating orbs have been amazed when they blew up the photos and got images suggestive of ships.......see )ufo seek.com )search" night photos "....or night shots
      These micro ships were discussed and it may be that the micros are from another dimension......rather than elsewhere in this one....
      certainly some orbs have shown themselves to look like micro ships.
      and they definately are also very ethereal looking stuff.
      somehow there is a connection of that im sure.

      Marge Padgitt <ympadgitt@...> wrote:
      My brother told me he saw a small UFO in his bedroom two days ago.
      This time it was at 10:00 a.m. and he had just gone to lie down with
      his wife who works the night shift, when he saw a circular shaped white
      color craft with lights around the dome, which had flat bottom and a
      domed top. It looked like black areas between the lights on the dome,
      which he said could have been windows. The sighting lasted 2-3
      seconds. It was heading towards him at an angle then just disappeared
      as he looked at it. Now this is the third event of this nature -
      previously he and his wife saw two black triangular shaped small craft
      in the bedroom at night.

      Is anyone else getting reports of small UFO's inside houses?

      Margie Kay
      Director, Mysteries of the Universe Conference
      June 7, 2008

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      Eddie Middleton / Night Search Host

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