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19546Propulsion without Inertia Explained in this book

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  • a1c3m
    Feb 8, 2008
      The Quantum Key - http://www.thequantumkey.com

      "I just got through your book. I must say that this is money well
      spent. Although I knew a lot of things mentioned in the book, there
      still was a lot of info I did not know. I especially liked the part
      about gravity, inertia and propulsion, because that matches everything
      I read about this stuff from other sources. It is short, but loaded
      with interesting info, therefor it is not boring. The book is
      inspiring and I think that this book is absolutely a must have for
      everyone who is just beginning his path in free energy field. Thank
      you very much!" - Jetijs, Engineer

      "I am an electronic engineer with 37 years of experience in the
      industry. I have been studying free energy for the past 13 years. Your
      book 'The Quantum Key' is a great book! It is the best book (and
      theory) on the subject of the source of free energy that I have seen
      in my research. It really is a good start at a unified-field theory. I
      like how you tie in all those little scientific facts. I am going to
      have to re-read it now several times now so I can blurt out some of
      these theories and facts to my engineering friends. It is also the
      right size and easy to read. I read the whole thing in a little over
      an hour. Thanks for writing it! It takes courage to stand up to
      academia like that." - Jimmy Moore, Rowland Heights, CA, CEO/Explore
      Electronics Inc.

      "Some examples of things I gained a new understanding from in reading
      Aaron's book: Open and closed systems and why they matter, What
      gravity is all about, What aether is. The chapers are short but packed
      with good explanations. I took one chapter at a time and it was not
      overwhelming or too technical. I didn't understand every single
      explanation 100% but even what I didn't understand 100%, I got a
      general sense of." - Jessica Miller, Sales & Marketing

      "...to me it seems so obviously logical so I'm thinking it must be
      something I don't get or is it that simple and if so it seems
      ridiculous how people wouldn't acknowledge this in an instant?" -
      Danny, Musician

      "I have read The Quantum Key 5 times now since I bought it in Vegas
      from you. It most definitely awakened/enlightened me to the power
      of/and truth of our being. We are consciousness. I was empowered with
      the chapter showing the distinction between open and closed systems. I
      am forever grateful for your effort and deliberate work to consciously
      awaken others!" - Grace Haeusler, Winner of 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 1
      Bronze medals in Karate at The Wide World of Sports 2007

      "...it seems you hit the nail square on its head with the The Quantum
      Key book. Well done, spot on." - Joel Rault, Director of EcoCircle®
      Organic Farming Method

      "After reading The Quantum Key I finally understand the quantum nature
      of our universe and our individual lives. Literally a whole new world
      was opened up to me that affects my understanding and quality of daily
      living. While the phrase "quantum physics" can be intimidating, and
      also esoteric in nature, I found this book to be very practical in
      improving my life. I wholeheartedly recommend reading this book ASAP!"
      - Kevin Pirolo, Originator of Pre-Paid Phone Cards in the United States

      The Quantum Key - http://www.thequantumkey.com

      --- In ufonet@yahoogroups.com, "a1c3m" <qiman13@...> wrote:
      > My book is a basic primer for this topic for the everyday person. The
      > Quantum Key shows the connection from the virtual photon potential of
      > the quantum mechanical vacuum all the way to gravity at the planetary
      > scale and it is more simple that you think.
      > It is part 1 of 3...2nd will focus on consciousness in relation to the
      > 1st book and the 3rd will focus on the physical body in relation to
      > the 1st and 2nd.
      > I'm not just some arm chair theorist, I have a lot of hands on
      > experience building non-equilibrium thermodynamic systems that output
      > more than is input by me. That implies there is other input, which is
      > true and comes from the active vacuum of local space time. I am also
      > involved with the most advanced consciousness technology ever
      > I have seen over a dozen "UFO's" that defy conventional logic. I have
      > had several episodes of missing time and one was 10 hours long...I
      > walked out my front door in the 9th grade and woke up 10 hours later 2
      > stories up fully dressed in my bed, etc...
      > Much of this influenced what is in my book The Quantum Key. It even
      > includes a chapter on superluminal travel.
      > http://www.thequantumkey.com
      > get a copy here: http://www.esmhome.org/shop
      > info sheet: http://www.feelthevibe.com/the_quantum_key.pdf
      > official forum: http://www.energeticforum.com
      > Take care,
      > Aaron
      > --- In ufonet@yahoogroups.com, "stealthskaters" <stealthskaters@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > The "holy grail" of Physics has been equated with uniting General
      > > Relativity (GR: the Macroscopic) with Quantum Mechanics (QM: the
      > > microscopic) into one all-encompassing "Theory of Everything (TOE)".
      > >
      > > What seems to be missing from this endeavor is the inclusion of
      > > Consciousness. Unless one assumes that it resides in the QM world
      > > and would be already covered by that theory/model.
      > >
      > > There has been a great deal of recent interest among physicists
      > > (both "mainstream" and "alternative") in remote-
      > > viewing/influencing/healing, Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs), Near-
      > > Death Experiences (NDEs), ESP, psychokinesis (PK), and other such
      > > things. Some of this has been "undercover" so as to preserve careers
      > > and livelihoods. (I find it interesting that none other than Robert
      > > Bigelow --founder of the National Institute for Discovery
      > > Science "NIDS" which investigated paranormal reports -- funded a
      > > Chair of Consciousness Studies at a Nevada university.)
      > >
      > > There are many theories of Consciousness. I found the more noted at
      > > http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Consciousness_Studies/Table_of_theories
      > > (archived at
      > > http://www.stealthskater.com/Documents/Consciousness_38.doc ). Among
      > > those is controversial Finnish physicist Matti Pitkanen's
      > > TopologicalGeometro Dynamics (TGD).
      > >
      > > It is an attempt to a unified description of fundamental interactions
      > > based on the assumption that physically allowed space-times are
      > > representable as submanifolds of the space, which is a Cartesian
      > > product of Minkowski space (or possibly of its lightcone) and of some
      > > compact spaces.
      > >
      > > It proposes a construction of the Universe based on an 8-dimensional
      > > space geometry. In this complex theory (i.e., many physicists
      > > reportedly cannot follow all of his math), magnetic wormholes play a
      > > very significant biological role.
      > >
      > > In fact, the innovative thrust of his theory is to establish a
      > > scientific link between Physics and Biology (the true "final
      > > frontier"!). It leads to a cosmology of sentient beings (and gives a
      > > new meaning to "dark matter", "dark photons"). Contained in DNA is
      > > much more than simply the instructions for synthesizing proteins for
      > > the construction of living cells. These powerful genetic
      > > biomolecules also contain the data for the operation of magnetic
      > > wormholes as biological communication channels.
      > >
      > > Pitkänen has come up with a genuinely new approach of incorporating
      > > the mental concepts of Consciousness and perception into the New
      > > Physics. Wormhole-Magnetic Fields (which are present as space-time
      > > layers) are contained in the normal biological material and are
      > > excellent candidates for a physical explanation of perception.
      > > Magnetized wormholes can really be seen as the quintessential living
      > > system.
      > >
      > > Pitkänen's TGD theory demonstrates the long suspected connection
      > > between Gravitation and Consciousness. Namely, that Gravitation and
      > > Consciousness represent antipoles. It even suggests that Gravitation
      > > is a fiction, evidenced by the fact that gravitational force can be
      > > converted into electricity (i.e., electromagnetic vibrations
      > > synonymous with brain waves) in vacuum domains.
      > >
      > > Pitkänen earned his PhD while defending his TGD theory. Since then,
      > > he and others have been working on into its third decade. He has
      > > been employed at major European high-energy labs (check his "Bio").
      > >
      > > I archived (and hopefully made a little easier-to-read) some of his
      > > articles from his website (http://www.physics.helsinki.fi/~matpitka )
      > > on a special page => http://www.stealthskater.com/Pitkanen.htm . I
      > > would suggest starting with his "PowerPoint" presentations first ("a
      > > picture is worth a thousand words").
      > >
      > > He points out the successes and failures of string/M-brane theories
      > > and explains all of the latest "dualities" (e.g., Ed Witten) in TGD
      > > terms. Many of his .pdf files (which I did not archive)
      > > are "standard" physics stuff relating to complex geometries of space-
      > > time. "Geometric-Future" and "-Past" are explained in geometrical
      > > terms while "Geometric-" and "Experienced-Time" are distinguished.
      > >
      > > But most fascinating -- and totally unexpected for me -- were other
      > > topics that he applied his TGD model to. One normally doesn't see
      > > this with "standard" physics' TOE models. Outside of Tom Bearden
      > > (and I do not know if Tom and Matti have ever corresponded), I have
      > > never seen these in any other "major" site. (Indeed, a well-known
      > > UFO researcher [who I now suspect to be a counter-intel agent]
      > > complained that I had "too much" [of these topics] at my site.)
      > > These included such "taboo" subjects as:
      > >
      > > (a) the mythical ORMEs/ORMUS substances (Type III
      > > semiconductor "magic" metals,);
      > >
      > > (b) Tesla's "scalar waves"
      > > (http://www.stealthskater.com/Bearden.htm );
      > >
      > > (c) the "arrow of Time" which could allow for "healing" by rebooting
      > > to an earlier biological benchmark (Antoine Priore) and an
      > > alternative explanation for the "Philadelphia Experiment" which was
      > > reversing along a prior-established history path rather
      > > than "teleportation" (http://www.stealthskater.com/PX.htm#Chica );
      > >
      > > (d) a TGD-based guess as to what the alleged "orgone" energy of
      > > Wilhelm Reich was (http://www.stealthskater.com/PX.htm#Reich );
      > >
      > > (e) conscious-Life after biological-death;
      > >
      > > (f) postulates of why psychokinesis, remote-viewing, etc. function;
      > > and
      > >
      > > (g) a TGD-based hypothesis that many "UFOs" are of a "plasmoid" type
      > > that interact via certain conscious minds (something that Carl Jung
      > > and others had long proposed but without any math-based theory) --
      > > also archived as a separate article at
      > > http://www.stealthskater.com/Documents/TGD_01.doc .
      > >
      > > There were other articles of his that I previously archived at
      > > http://www.stealthskater.com/Science.htm#Emergent . And some of the
      > > topics of "Consciousness Engineering"
      > > (http://www.stealthskater.com/Consciousness.htm ) would appear to be
      > > prime candidates for his theory.
      > >
      > > A note of caution, however. In this mortal life, I view
      > > all "theories/models" as a path in the right direction toward
      > > the "end of the tunnel" rather than 100% mathematically- and
      > > philosophically-correct. Meaning not to dismiss one prematurely at
      > > finding the first "dividing-by-zero" mistake (something that Einstein
      > > himself did in one of his papers!).
      > >
      > > (And I still think that there is a small but highly secretive link
      > > between nuclear detonations and what we call "UFO" sightings. I
      > > don't believe that it is "aliens" coming from another realm to
      > > protest. But it is the reason behind the worldwide moratorium on all
      > > such atmospheric and underground tests in the late-80s and why
      > > mass "UFO" sightings have all but ceased since then. And it wouldn't
      > > surprise me if it were a large part of the reason why the U.S.
      > > government objects to other nations developing their own nuclear
      > > arsenals. It has more to do with just weapons of mass destruction!
      > > A new meaning to Dan Sherman's "Project Preserve Destiny"
      > > [http://www.stealthskater.com/Sherman.htm ] ???)
      > >
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