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19458Dreamland and Area 51 DVD for sell

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  • ingrabella
    Oct 4, 2007
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      am selling new unopened factroy sealed DVD of Dreamland Area 51
      Documetry. Great DVD. A must have for all UFO Buffs. Payment
      Accepted Money Orders, Cashiers Check, Personal Checks, If you are
      interested in the DVD E-mail me at ingrabella@... I am selling
      it for $10.00 that includes shipping.

      Product Details

      Award winning documentary
      Excellent must-have DVD for those interested in UFO's
      Enormous 120 Minute DVD
      Region: All Regions
      ASIN: B000UFLPMM

      Filmmaker and journalist Brucr Burgess goes deep into the heart of
      the greatest secret of the 20th century: Area 51 or "Dreamland" in
      this award-winning documentary. Originally a skeptic, Burgess was
      converted and now he presents his findings here. Footage of UFO's
      performing impossible maneuvers under cover of darkness. Multiples
      aircrafts flying over the base are only the beginning of this account
      of what goes on in a base that is roughly the size of
      Switzerland.Learn about the unexplained deaths of Area-51 workers,
      government funded black projects and the reverse engineering of
      extraterrestrial technology. Dreamland goes beyonf the perimeter
      wire, through the fields of motion sensorsm past the armed patrols,
      jet fighters and attack helicopters to uncover the truth of the
      greatest secret yet exposed! ** Winner of the E.B.E. Award For "Best
      UFO Documentary" **