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19443Re: {Disarmed} [UFOnet] The movie "Independence Day"

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  • geoff@thewhyfiles.net
    Aug 31, 2007
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      Please tell me, how do you know this?
      On what evidence do you base your assumptions?
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      From: Joan Homann
      To: ufonet@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 12:23 AM
      Subject: {Disarmed} [UFOnet] The movie "Independence Day"

      In the month of August, the movie "Independence Day" has been shown 8
      times on the FX Channel. I don't know how many other times it was shown
      on other channels, but it seems to me that the Forces of Disinformation
      are hard at work. They are trying to project a hostile and evil image
      of the ETs, which makes it much harder for us to encourage and promote
      a peaceful Disclosure.

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