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    Jul 6, 2007
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      Thank you Michael, if I didn't think it was important to explain telepathy I would not be wasting my time. I hope to see my ET contacts face-to-face as well, I am hoping to go to them soon. At this point I am really debating as to whether I should waste my time with this group though.

      worldgathering@... wrote: John,

      It's tricky reading people's info or views or what
      ETs do and/or don't do. I don't like, personally,
      like to read or hear much about it. I'm just waiting
      to meet them face to face, and then find out how
      these folks hang out.

      I was a bit surprised about the 'Ancient Egyptian'.

      However, regarding telepathy ..... I'd say, yes.

      These guys and gals are big on telepathy.

      Telepathy is referred to in a huge number of reports
      of contact with 'ET'.

      We ourselves get snippets of telepathy when we
      get hunches about things; and, you know, sometimes
      we get the feeling we know what someone is thinking,
      or a feeling for what type of mood is affecting


      >They speak ancient Egyptian, telepathy allows or compensates
      for the language barrier.

      Sorry guys but this is absolute rubbish.
      I have never read such a load of codswallop in my life.
      Its bad enough having this rubbish spread by so called
      "mediums " who prey on the weak minded and vulnerable , but
      to imply that ET now communicates by telepathy in a Psychic /
      mediumistic way is just laughable.

      Its sad that some people have to plumb the depths in this way
      to get attention.


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