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19345Re: [UFOnet] Digest Number 2690... John you are wrong...

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    Jul 6 6:49 PM
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      I have security clearance and I have been tested by the FBI and Police. I am good. I know what I am talking about. If you have a degree burn it for it is doing you no good. I do not have to lower myself and insult people... and I do not make false accusations.

      John Locker <gsmforensics@...> wrote: >They speak ancient
      > Egyptian, telepathy allows or compensates for the
      > language barrier.

      Sorry guys but this is aboslute rubbish.
      I have never read such a load of codswallop in my life.
      Its bad enough having this rubbish spread by so called "mediums " who prey
      on the weak minded and vulnerable , but to imply that
      ET now communicates by telepathy in a Psychic / mediumistic way is just

      Its sad that some people have to plumb the depths in this way to get


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