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  • bert vere
    Jul 6, 2007
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      Worldgathering your post is doubled up in my mailbox,so i think the first time it did actually go through.....there IS however some kind of delay at times with the posts here...why? I cannot tell you, perhaps they have to detour through operation Echelon first when they come from overseas?

      worldgathering@... wrote:
      Yahoo's mail handling is either really messed up at the
      moment (or there's some censoring going on in the
      background). I sent this mail, below, around 24 hours ago,
      and I don't think it turned up at UFONET. Similarly with
      other mails I sent to some other groups, after 18 hours most
      of them have not appeared. Maybe it's due to the
      (manipulated) weather!


      It's tricky reading people's info or views or what
      ETs do and/or don't do. I don't like, personally,
      like to read or hear much about it. I'm just waiting
      to meet them face to face, and then find out how
      these folks hang out.

      I was a bit surprised about the 'Ancient Egyptian'.

      However, regarding telepathy ..... I'd say, yes.

      These guys and gals are big on telepathy.

      Telepathy is referred to in a huge number of reports
      of contact with 'ET'.

      We ourselves get snippets of telepathy when we
      get hunches about things; and, you know, sometimes
      we get the feeling we know what someone is thinking,
      or a feeling for what type of mood is affecting


      >They speak ancient Egyptian, telepathy allows or compensates
      for the language barrier.

      Sorry guys but this is absolute rubbish.
      I have never read such a load of codswallop in my life.
      Its bad enough having this rubbish spread by so called
      "mediums " who prey on the weak minded and vulnerable , but
      to imply that ET now communicates by telepathy in a Psychic /
      mediumistic way is just laughable.

      Its sad that some people have to plumb the depths in this way
      to get attention.


      Be smarter than spam. See how smart SpamGuard is at giving junk email the boot with the All-new Yahoo! Mail

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