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  • worldgathering@googlemail.com
    Jul 4, 2007
      Hello Barbara,

      I am very sorry to hear about your lost children.

      It seems to be an all-out war for control of Earth.

      And there are, I agree, some pretty mad and evil
      people around. Otherwise AIDS would not have been
      especially developed and deliberately released.

      And they wouldn't be doing the 'Chemtrail' spraying,
      which I personally feel may have costs the lives of
      tens of millions of people over the past ten years.
      And also done immense damage to animals and nature.

      It's a mean war.

      I see the wonderful manoeuvres of numbers of craft
      and I think 'its all happening now'.

      The mean controllers of Earth seem desperate to keep
      us in ignorance, while out benevolent ET friends
      must have so many answers and solutions which we
      now need. Sixty or so years of forced ignorance.

      Enough! Already.

      I read your mail, and when you mentioned the heart
      is connected in communication, I felt you were telling
      the truth.

      Early in 1986, three disc craft flew over my car at
      a height of about forty feet, then stopped stationery.
      They were sixty feet from me when I stood outside the
      car. I could feel communication happening, and it was
      through the middle of my chest where I felt the
      discussion happening. I then followed the three disc
      craft for ten minutes, and they took me back to the
      spot where I had been parked up sending them some
      thoughts thirty minutes before.

      Have you read the website of the ex-MI6 agent,
      James Casbolt?


      James's intelligence and ET contacts tell him the
      negative Aliens plan to reduce the Earth's population
      down to around 15% of its present level over the
      next thirty years.

      I have felt that is what is being aimed at - a large
      reduction - but for a year or two I have wondered
      what time period will they try to use to do this
      deadly and unnecessary deed. Thirty years seems
      about right.

      There must be many answers to getting Earth's population
      level correct without poisoning people from the air or
      by infecting the world with germs.

      My (long-winded!) account of my meetings and connections
      with ET appear on this page - 'Meetings With 3 Craft':

      Also mentions unusual things which have jumped into
      my life and projects I have done to help alert people.

      Good wishes, Michael Irving

      > Bert,
      > They use telepathy to avoid radio transmission.
      > It is too dangerous to use radio transmission
      > because there is an evil race of ETs who will hear
      > the transmission. They use telepathy instead and I
      > happen to have telepathy so they are able to talk to
      > me. Because of my telepathy I am able to interpret
      > their (our) ancient language. They speak ancient
      > Egyptian, telepathy allows or compensates for the
      > language barrier.
      > I was supposed to go to Canada in my past but was
      > stopped by an evil human. He tried to kill me
      > because I was in communication and he hated me for
      > it. So he tried to kill me numerous times and
      > stopped me from going to Canada. Thus I was unable
      > to meet other people who are also contactees.
      > It is funny you speak of your friend as having
      > developed free energy. I am hoping to get the rest
      > of the information on Electro static propulsion.
      > This will bring us as a planet forward in
      > technology. We will not need gas to fuel cars. We
      > will be able to fly cars without fuel!
      > My main prophecy is about the End Times as stated
      > in the Bible and other ancient text. I think of the
      > Bible as a warning, a plan and an invite. They, my
      > friends on the Mothership, want us to go to them. I
      > have a mission going out in space with me. We will
      > fight off the evil aliens and return to Earth.
      > If we do not do this Earth will be hit and too many
      > things will be destroyed.
      > They want to communicate with us on Earth but they
      > are in a battle so it is difficult. As they get
      > closer to Earth they should be able to enhance earth
      > peoples telepathy thus communicate. However, as it
      > stands now I am the only one who can communicate
      > with them and I am being protected. Please know
      > they try to communicate with us. Meditation works,
      > so does hypnosis... if you want communication I
      > suggest you use these techniques to do so. We all
      > have heart chakras and they can put information in
      > our hearts.
      > My friends in outer space, please know they
      > originated on earth and left. They are the Elect,
      > they are the chosen and there are 1 mil of them.
      > They artificially impregnated me approx. 10 years
      > ago. I was carrying twins. The evil man, stated
      > above, killed them. So I was impregnated again,
      > twins again, this pregnancy was taken to save their
      > lives. I am hoping soon, very soon, to go to into
      > space, to the Mothership to be with my twin girls.
      > I am going with lots of people through a portal.
      > Thank you for talking to me... Barbara Parker
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