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  • bert vere
    Jul 4, 2007
      Dear Barbra,
      Hello again...I hope you will approve,but i took the liberty of posting your infomative replies to me on the (ufoseek.com) forum where i share info with the group.
      Your very forthright answers to my probably annoying questions tell me you are
      a very patient and very nice person whom i wanted my gang to meet....if you are willing to speak further about your ongoing contacts,i and some of my group are very interested in any information from such contacts.....please feel free to join the group at ufoseek.com....i for one have a great many unanswered questions if you have the inclination to assist us in understanding the visitors and their message.
      Also their history and philosophy is of prime interest to mankind at this crucial juncture in our own history.....
      If you dont mind my asking.....
      peace to you,,and convey my greetings to your friends,,,,bert vere

      BARBARA PARKER <bparkerparkerparker@...> wrote:
      Larry, I tried to post on Seti Universe but could not figure out how to post. I signed up but could not post. Larry, can you help me? Would you post the following on Seti Universe for me? Thanks, Barb

      Lamont Washington <lamont16y701w@...> wrote: Hello, Ms. Barbara Parker

      I am also a member of Seti UNIVERSE, I am sure that
      our members would also like to hear your opinions.
      Please take a look at our forums, (and the rest of the
      website) become a member, and post your thoughts there

      (I do not feel comforitable coping your opinions, then
      posting them on Seti UNIVERSE. I feel it would be
      better if you posted your opinions instead!!!!) Keep
      up the good work.


      --- BARBARA PARKER <bparkerparkerparker@...>

      > Bert,
      > They use telepathy to avoid radio transmission.
      > It is too dangerous to use radio transmission
      > because there is an evil race of ETs who will hear
      > the transmission. They use telepathy instead and I
      > happen to have telepathy so they are able to talk to
      > me. Because of my telepathy I am able to interpret
      > their (our) ancient language. They speak ancient
      > Egyptian, telepathy allows or compensates for the
      > language barrier.
      > I was supposed to go to Canada in my past but was
      > stopped by an evil human. He tried to kill me
      > because I was in communication and he hated me for
      > it. So he tried to kill me numerous times and
      > stopped me from going to Canada. Thus I was unable
      > to meet other people who are also contactees.
      > It is funny you speak of your friend as having
      > developed free energy. I am hoping to get the rest
      > of the information on Electro static propulsion.
      > This will bring us as a planet forward in
      > technology. We will not need gas to fuel cars. We
      > will be able to fly cars without fuel!
      > My main prophecy is about the End Times as stated
      > in the Bible and other ancient text. I think of the
      > Bible as a warning, a plan and an invite. They, my
      > friends on the Mothership, want us to go to them. I
      > have a mission going out in space with me. We will
      > fight off the the evil aliens and return to Earth.
      > If we do not do this Earth will be hit and too many
      > things will be destroyed.
      > They want to communicate with us on Earth but they
      > are in a battle so it is difficult. As they get
      > closer to Earth they should be able to enhance earth
      > peoples telepathy thus communicate. However, as it
      > stands now I am the only one who can communicate
      > with them and I am being protected. Please know
      > they try to communicate with us. Meditation works,
      > so does hypnosis... if you want communication I
      > suggest you use these techniques to do so. We all
      > have heart chakras and they can put information in
      > our hearts.
      > My friends in outer space, please know they
      > originated on earth and left. They are the Elect,
      > they are the chosen and there are 1 mil of them.
      > They artificially impregnated me approx. 10 years
      > ago. I was carrying twins. The evil man, stated
      > above, killed them. So I was impregnated again,
      > twins again, this pregnancy was taken to save their
      > lives. I am hoping soon, very soon, to go to into
      > space, to the Mothership to be with my twin girls.
      > I am going with lots of people through a portal.
      > Thank you for talking to me... Barbara Parker
      > bert vere <bertvere@...> wrote:
      > hi, barbra,
      > funny you should mention them singing to you. i have
      > read one other regular communicator who has also had
      > their ET contacts sing to them...now i wish i could
      > remember who it was...
      > Is the hypnosis nessessary for intense telepathic
      > enhancement?
      > Will you ask them if they know an ET fellow named
      > AFFA, a canadian scientist,Wibur Smith used to have
      > contact with this being who lived on a mothership
      > too.
      > The contact lasted for many years, and Wilbur
      > himself has passed away now, but he has reported
      > that his work on free energy which he was guided by
      > the ET fellow to complete.was a success.
      > The outcome was a working model power supply which
      > was able to draw power from the earths magnetic
      > field.....Unfortunately it was suppressed by the
      > Goverment, and all his material was confiscated.
      > I have been wondering if this AFFA person is still
      > alive out there....
      > Do you have any currently important prophecy for
      > us?I understand that the ETs have given many such
      > prophecies to contactees....Can you give us any
      > message from them to our group?
      > Are they interested in communication with s as
      > individuals?
      > Do we make interesting friends and
      > conversationalists to them?
      > Or are they simply trying to speak with a select
      > few?
      > Dont they understand that single persons are under a
      > distinct disadvantage in conveying their
      > communications to the rest of us?
      > And lastly will they sometime come out in the open
      > and be our friends?
      > anything you may be able to say will be very much
      > appreciated....
      > thanks Barb, It is great to talk to you about this
      > stuff,i hope it is not uncomfortable for you.....yes
      > and the babies?please tell us what they are doing
      > with them and the others...
      > bert vere
      > BARBARA PARKER <bparkerparkerparker@...>
      > wrote:
      > Dear Bert, we all have psychic gifts but they may be
      > latent. My telepathy did not get strong until I was
      > in my thirties. I helped the gift to come to the
      > surface using meditation and hypnosis. I also used
      > to guide meditation groups and during the sessions
      > we discussed UFOs and ETs. The ETs heard us and were
      > able to communicate with me thru dreams then via
      > telepathy. So I astral travel to planets and
      > motherships and I have telepathy with ETs. I hear
      > and feel them talking to me with my mind and with my
      > heart chakra. They tell me things about themselves
      > and they make me laugh. They also sing to me. I love
      > it when they sing for it is comforting for me.
      > Thanks for asking Bert. When I have time I will tell
      > you about the babies. Barbara Parker
      > bert vere <bertvere@...> wrote: Barbera, hi,
      > can you give us an introduction to yourself?
      > I am a retired person of 62 yrs and have been
      > interested in UFOs since elementary school
      > age...have never had the oportunity for contact, but
      > have had a sighting years ago..........How is it
      > possible that you have come to experience
      > contact?Are you psychic to start with?Is their
      > choice in having contact with you for a special
      > reason?And if /probably so, can you tell?
      > Thank you for whatever you can impart at this
      > time....
      > regards bv
      > BARBARA PARKER <bparkerparkerparker@...>
      > wrote:
      > I hear ET's with telepathy and I astral travel to
      > visit them. The ones I am close to live on a
      > Mothership, there is approximately 1 mil of them.
      > The Mothership is huge...
      > bert vere <bertvere@...> wrote:
      > Hello/welcome Brabra,
      > I hope you come to enjoy our fellowship...
      > Please tell us more about yeour contact if it is
      > permissible...there are many on board whi wish they
      > too had contact..but it is good at least to know a
      > few such persons ,I hope you have more to say in
      > future...
      > bert vere
      > BARBARA PARKER <bparkerparkerparker@...>
      > wrote:
      > I am new to this group. I am a contactee not an
      > abductee. I was impregnated in the past two times. I
      > have telepathy with those out in space and I astral
      > travel to different planets. I also channel, I am
      > considered a medium/oracle. I have precognition of
      > future events. I have clairvoyance with the Holy
      > Spirit realm.
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