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19324Re: [UFOnet] I am a contactee

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  • bert vere
    Jul 2, 2007
      hi, barbra,
      funny you should mention them singing to you. i have read one other regular communicator who has also had their ET contacts sing to them...now i wish i could remember who it was...
      Is the hypnosis nessessary for intense telepathic enhancement?
      Will you ask them if they know an ET fellow named AFFA, a canadian scientist,Wibur Smith used to have contact with this being who lived on a mothership too.
      The contact lasted for many years, and Wilbur himself has passed away now, but he has reported that his work on free energy which he was guided by the ET fellow to complete.was a success.
      The outcome was a working model power supply which was able to draw power from the earths magnetic field.....Unfortunately it was suppressed by the Goverment, and all his material was confiscated.
      I have been wondering if this AFFA person is still alive out there....
      Do you have any currently important prophecy for us?I understand that the ETs have given many such prophecies to contactees....Can you give us any message from them to our group?
      Are they interested in communication with s as individuals?
      Do we make interesting friends and conversationalists to them?
      Or are they simply trying to speak with a select few?
      Dont they understand that single persons are under a distinct disadvantage in conveying their communications to the rest of us?
      And lastly will they sometime come out in the open and be our friends?
      anything you may be able to say will be very much appreciated....
      thanks Barb, It is great to talk to you about this stuff,i hope it is not uncomfortable for you.....yes and the babies?please tell us what they are doing with them and the others...
      bert vere

      BARBARA PARKER <bparkerparkerparker@...> wrote:
      Dear Bert, we all have psychic gifts but they may be latent. My telepathy did not get strong until I was in my thirties. I helped the gift to come to the surface using meditation and hypnosis. I also used to guide meditation groups and during the sessions we discussed UFOs and ETs. The ETs heard us and were able to communicate with me thru dreams then via telepathy. So I astral travel to planets and motherships and I have telepathy with ETs. I hear and feel them talking to me with my mind and with my heart chakra. They tell me things about themselves and they make me laugh. They also sing to me. I love it when they sing for it is comforting for me. Thanks for asking Bert. When I have time I will tell you about the babies. Barbara Parker

      bert vere <bertvere@...> wrote: Barbera, hi, can you give us an introduction to yourself?
      I am a retired person of 62 yrs and have been interested in UFOs since elementary school age...have never had the oportunity for contact, but have had a sighting years ago..........How is it possible that you have come to experience contact?Are you psychic to start with?Is their choice in having contact with you for a special reason?And if /probably so, can you tell?
      Thank you for whatever you can impart at this time....
      regards bv

      BARBARA PARKER <bparkerparkerparker@...> wrote:
      I hear ET's with telepathy and I astral travel to visit them. The ones I am close to live on a Mothership, there is approximately 1 mil of them. The Mothership is huge...

      bert vere <bertvere@...> wrote:
      Hello/welcome Brabra,
      I hope you come to enjoy our fellowship...
      Please tell us more about yeour contact if it is permissible...there are many on board whi wish they too had contact..but it is good at least to know a few such persons ,I hope you have more to say in future...
      bert vere
      BARBARA PARKER <bparkerparkerparker@...> wrote:
      I am new to this group. I am a contactee not an abductee. I was impregnated in the past two times. I have telepathy with those out in space and I astral travel to different planets. I also channel, I am considered a medium/oracle. I have precognition of future events. I have clairvoyance with the Holy Spirit realm.

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