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19320Re: [UFOnet] I am a contactee

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    Jul 1, 2007
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      I hear ET's with telepathy and I astral travel to visit them. The ones I am close to live on a Mothership, there is approximately 1 mil of them. The Mothership is huge...

      bert vere <bertvere@...> wrote:
      Hello/welcome Brabra,
      I hope you come to enjoy our fellowship...
      Please tell us more about yeour contact if it is permissible...there are many on board whi wish they too had contact..but it is good at least to know a few such persons ,I hope you have more to say in future...
      bert vere
      BARBARA PARKER <bparkerparkerparker@...> wrote:
      I am new to this group. I am a contactee not an abductee. I was impregnated in the past two times. I have telepathy with those out in space and I astral travel to different planets. I also channel, I am considered a medium/oracle. I have precognition of future events. I have clairvoyance with the Holy Spirit realm.

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