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19297Re: [UFOnet] Re: ~ Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch: Space Debris or Something Else?? ~

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  • Lamont Washington
    Jun 15, 2007
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      --- Suzanne <sgangel_2005@...> wrote:

      > UPDATE!!!! -
      > Hello everyone! This is Sue here. First, I'd like to
      > give all of you
      > a NEW update about the Space Shuttle Debris. I was
      > watching the "Into
      > The Unknown" Paranormal TV show on the Sci Fi
      > channel, last night,
      > Wensday, & found out taht there was indeed a UFO
      > that was indeed
      > captures on NASA'a Live Space footage. I thought I
      > saw something last
      > week when I sat down to watch the launch, & it does
      > look as if I was
      > right in my observations. I just was wondering in
      > anyone in here
      > managed to see the actually Live Space Shuttle
      > Launch last week & if
      > any of you in here managed to watch the New "Into
      > The Unknown"
      > Informative series last night. George Noory, was the
      > host & they even
      > show a bit of footage of the actual UFO I think I
      > saw during the
      > launch last week. I just hope i'm Not the only
      > person who managed to
      > see this. Please let me know if any of you in here
      > saw the "Into The
      > Unknown" Space Shuttle NASA Footage of the UFO I
      > think I saw last
      > week, last night? Hopefully, I'm Not the only person
      > who managed to
      > see this aired last night! I would really like your
      > thoughts &
      > opinions on this one. Thanks & I hope you all Will
      > have a great
      > weekend Too! :D
      > ~ SUE ~
      > sgangel_2005@...
      > http://www.myspace.com/sgduranie
      > http://groups.myspace.com/paranormalontv
      > http://groups.myspace.com/suesparanormalclub
      > On the Net:
      > Shuttle mission:
      > SOURCE:

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