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19288Nuke Test (1961) creates massive hollow cavity

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  • Norio Hayakawa
    May 30, 2007

      from Tal Levesque's News Report: May 30, 2007

      Have you ever heard about the underground NUKE experiment
      near Carlsbad Caverns ?

      Project Gnome,

      December 10, 1961

      It was the first test as part of the "Plowshare" program.
      Later, they NUKED Underground near DULCE, N.M. (Project "Gasbuggy").

      The Plowshare Program was created in the late fifties to explore the
      possible use of nuclear explosive devices for "peaceful uses".

      From 1961-73, researchers carried out 27 separate experiments under
      Project Plowshare, setting off 35 nuclear detonations.
      Most of the tests were conducted at the Nevada Test Site,
      but some were also conducted in New Mexico and Colorado.

      Beyond the Nevada Test Site (NTS), nuclear testing activities were
      conducted at eight locations in five different states as part of the
      Nuclear Weapons Testing, the Vela Uniform, and the Plowshare
      Programs. As part of the Plowshare Program, nuclear tests were
      conducted at two sites near Rifle, Colorado (Rulison and Rio Blanco),
      southwest of Dulce, New Mexico (Project Gasbuggy),
      and near Carlsbad, New Mexico (Project Gnome-Coach).

      As part of the Vela Uniform Program, nuclear tests were conducted
      near Fallon, Nevada (Project Shoal), on Amchitka Island, Alaska
      (Project Long Shot), and near Hattiesburg, Mississippi, (Projects
      Salmon and Sterling).

      Project Gnome
      The nuclear device was emplaced 1,184 feet underground in bedded salt
      at the end of a 1,116 ft hooked tunnel. The Gnome device was
      detonated with a yield of 3.1 kilotons.
      The NUKE created a massive HOLLOW Cavity.

      Re-entry excavation began six days after the test, and the cavity was
      entered about 6 months later on May 17, 1962.
      Re-entry was through an underground tunnel excavated parallel to the
      original one.
      The roughly hemispheric cavity measuring 160-170 feet in diameter
      (larger than the base of the dome of the U. S. Capitol building) and
      60-80 feet high (equivalent to a 7-8 story building) is shown in the
      attached photo and at this web site :


      So, after all, some rumors of artificially create "underground
      caverns or hollow cavities" and "underground bases" or "underground
      facilties" may not necessarily be just the figment of people's

      Consider this possibility:

      Was Dulce, New Mexico, A Nuclear Waste Dumping Ground?

      Norio Hayakawa