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19281Re: [UFOnet] CSETI event update - Mini-training near Montreal, PQ.

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  • Lamont Washington
    May 26, 2007
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      Hey guys, take a look a Seti UNIVERSE
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      --- Richard Lalancette <lalancette_richard@...>

      > CSETI event update - Mini-training near Montreal,
      > PQ.
      > raining-near.html>
      > [0]
      > <http://www.cseti.org/images/topbar.gif>
      > [BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5062016362938141394]
      > /s1600-h/montreal_4-full.jpg> Thursday, August 9,
      > 2007 - Montreal,
      > Quebec, Canada
      > Dr. Greer will speak that evening at a local
      > auditorium, to discuss his
      > memoir "Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge"
      > <http://www.cseti.org/programs/hiddentruth.htm> . He
      > says "This book
      > is my own disclosure – what have I personally seen
      > of UFOs and
      > secret projects? What really happened during the
      > high-level briefings we
      > conducted for the President's inner circle, the CIA
      > Director, the UN
      > leadership? Who is maintaining this secrecy – and
      > why? And how has
      > all of this affected me personally? Why are we still
      > using Mid-East oil
      > when the definitive solutions are already developed
      > in covert technology
      > projects? In many ways this has been an anguishing
      > journey – and
      > yet, I am certain that once the people know the
      > truth, we will bring out
      > these new technologies." Listen to Dr. Greer himself
      > tell his story!
      > Admission: $10 Cdn at the door.
      > Location: University of Montreal, in Room Z-110
      > (Auditorium) of the
      > "Pavillon Claire-McNicoll' (Claire-McNicoll
      > Building). This building is
      > physically attached tof the right part of the main
      > building (Pavillon
      > Roger-Gaudry).
      > University of Montreal Campus Maps:
      > http://www.umontreal.ca/plancampus/index.html
      > <http://www.umontreal.ca/plancampus/index.html>
      > Mapquest Map
      > ity=Montreal&state=Qc&zipcode=>
      > [BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5062018750939957986]
      > /s1600-h/laurentides_fall.jpg> Friday, August 10,
      > 2007 - Sunday August
      > 12, 2007 - near Montreal, Quebec, Canada
      > Dr. Greer will teach a mini CSETI Ambassador to the
      > Universe Training.
      > You are invited to join Dr. Greer in making ET
      > contact at night, and
      > learning advanced techniques in Remote Viewing and
      > higher states of
      > consciousness. The acclaimed CSETI CE-5 contact
      > protocols will be shared
      > and experienced, and deep knowledge of the nature of
      > Mind and our own
      > awareness as tools for ET Contact will be taught.
      > Dr. Greer will
      > describe the inside story of Disclosure, who is
      > running the world of
      > secret power, and why, and Dr. Greer's historic ET
      > contact experiences
      > which began when he was 9 years old. These amazing
      > and moving events
      > will be shared with the group.
      > Tuition: $350 Cdn ($300 US). Lodging is being
      > arranged by CSETI, and
      > will be an additional cost to be paid to CSETI at a
      > certain point before
      > the event. We will provide more information here as
      > we get it. Please
      > email Debbie at coordinator@...
      > <mailto://coordinator@.../>
      > if you have any questions or wish to register.
      > [Non-text portions of this message have been
      > removed]

      Seti UNIVERSE

      disciplines in one place. (Radio, Optical, Microwave, and Amateur SETI)
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