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    Mar 26, 2007
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      I know Bill Ryan & Kerry Cassidy and I think they are doing their best
      as anyone else would expect.

      We all are aware of the fact that in consideration of all the people
      out their who have a story to tell, (in spite of all the motivations
      behind it)there must be some truth behind it. I am convinced that Bill
      Ryan & Kerry Cassidy are in pursuit of presenting these peoples
      stories for sake of that part of the truth behind them that might
      otherwise never have had the opportunity for you, (the general public)
      to hear their stories direct from those who claim to have these
      experiences that they wish to share.

      What makes this form of media even more unique, is that we (the
      audience) have an opportunity to hear it first hand from the source,
      and make our own assessment of what we identify as our own truth, that
      which speaks to us in a way that we identify as such.

      An example of this would be what I felt when I first stumbled accross
      the Otis T. Carr Project. I was then, and even now more convinced that
      it was not a hoax. I kept a B&W cut-away image of this craft on the
      inside of my garage door and when asked by my guests about this, I
      proceeded to share the story and ended with "Someday I hope to meet
      some of the people behind this and find out what really happend"

      One day I received a phone call from Bill & Kerry asking me if I would
      be interested in meeting Ralph Ring who worked as an engineer on that
      project. You can imagine how I must of felt! the result of that
      developed into an interview at the Las Vegas Luxor and was placed on
      their site entitled "Aqua Marine Dreams"

      I have continued to dedicate myself to this project, and thank Bill
      Ryan & Kerry Cassidy for having the backbone to keep hanging in there
      in spite of all the back-lashings that come with the territory.

      ---Gary Voss
      TAP-TEN Research

      --- In ufonet@yahoogroups.com, DAVID LACROIX <dlacroix@...> wrote:
      > Has anyone seen or listened to the Clifford Stone interview at
      www.projectcamelot.org yet?
      > If I'm not mistaken Sargent Stone was one the original individuals
      that spoke at the Disclosure Project briefing at the National Press
      Club in 2001 with Dr. Steven Greer.
      > I found his interview very credible and Kerry Cassidy did a great
      job interviewing Sargent Stone. I got the feeling he needed to speak
      as a sort of means of coping with what he had encountered.
      > You could either download the interview of stream through from
      Google Video.
      > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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