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19223The Phoenix Lights - 10th Anniversary

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  • Geoff Richardson
    Feb 27, 2007
      The Phoenix Lights 10th Anniversary

      During the evening of 13th March 1997, a series of incidents took
      place which was to become known as "The Phoenix Lights Incident". At
      approximately 7-50p.m. a "V-shaped" formation of bright blue/yellow-
      white orbs was observed leaving the Las Vegas (Nevada) area and
      flying at speed over the boarder into Arizona. This formation of
      lights was then witnessed by hundreds if not thousands of people as
      it flew over Phoenix and on to Tucson – a total journey of some 300
      hundred miles.
      The Phoenix Lights incident has become one of the most controversial
      events in the history of Ufology.
      Dr.Lynne Kitei, a physician, witnessed multiple events which occurred
      in the skies over Phoenix leading up to and including the night of
      13th March, 1997 and successfully documented a number of sightings of
      orbs and v-shaped craft.
      Dr.Lynne's book, "The Phoenix Lights – A Skeptic's Discovery that we
      are not Alone" quickly became a best seller.

      Dr. Lynne's award winning film "The Phoenix Lights Documentary" and
      her book will both feature in a number events arranged to commemorate
      the 10th anniversary of this momentous occasion in the history of
      Dr. Lynne has provided The WHY? Files with a schedule of these events.

      For an account of The Phoenix Lights and a complete review of
      Dr.Lynne's book and the schedule of forthcoming events see:
      The Phoenix Lights - http://www.thewhyfiles.net/phoenixlights.htm

      This website includes many audio and video files.

      Geoff Richardson