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19186Attempted Abduction in Massachusetts

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  • Ran Al
    Nov 5 10:10 PM
      Just recently details of an amazing case of a UFO and an abduction attempt
      have been released for public consumption. Although details have just hit
      the airwaves, it occurred in December, 2004, in Massachusetts. According to
      the eye witness accounts of husband and wife, Robert and Anne, the eerie
      encounter began when they saw a large, glowing white ball on December 12 at
      about 7:10 PM. Robert described the unknown as "a huge ball of brilliant
      white light coming toward the house from the west." The object was only
      slightly above the tree tops, and soon moved even closer to their house. The
      immense glowing ball was estimated to be the length of 2-3 football fields
      long. (600-900 ft.)

      According to Massachusetts Residents Share Details of Reported UFO Encounter
      the glowing light hovered for several minutes before it emitted a pale blue
      beam of light that grabbed his wife, floating her above the patio. Her
      husband, now frantic, grabbed his wife with one hand, and the sliding door
      to the house with the other, managing to get her inside. She was unconscious
      at the time. He put his wife on the couch, and noticed the object was gone.
      Soon, his sister, who lived 5 miles away, called telling him that she and
      her husband had seen a glowing light flying parallel to the ground. It had a
      blue beam underneath. In addition to the harrowing experience, soon strange
      things began to happen in their house. Folks, check out this great account.
      The entire event is being investigated by MUFON.


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