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  • Geoff Richardson
    Jul 7, 2006
      UFO mystery sightings were balloons

      The mystery lights in the sky

      Telford was gripped by UFO fever at the weekend when people spotted
      dozens of weird lights floating through the night sky. But the
      display was in fact produced by balloons designed to hoax the

      The sightings were made just before midnight on Saturday in the
      south Telford area.

      Reader Natalie Ashman, who e-mailed us photographs of the vision,
      said she saw a cluster of about 20 red lights passing over the town.

      But the lights were almost certainly caused by special balloons
      which cost £10 for a packet of six. Ray Prince, director of
      manufacturers UFO Balloons, which sells up to 80 each week, said a
      regular customer had informed him that about 200 balloons had been
      launched in south Telford.


      The above events occurred on 1st July, 2006 which was, of course,
      Euro Pride Day!

      These pesky pink balloons have caused trouble before of course!
      See: http://www.thewhyfiles.net/v shape2.htm#satcom

      Geoff Richardson